That Little Place on Main 5th Year Anniversary | Mohawk Valley Today

Happy 5th Anniversary
to That Little Place on Main!

For five years now, Tara, Gary, Marshall and Taylar, have created “that little place” where local folks and visitors alike enjoy breakfast, lunch, pies, and so much more. When you walk in the door, you’re welcomed into the heart of their family-run diner where they provide the best food, made from the best ingredients in the area. You’ll hear the sizzling on the grill, smell the coffee brewing, and while you listen to the old time music, you’ll be in the middle of an experience they’ve created to make you feel right at home. You know that when you walk in the door, you’re in the right place at the right time.

That Little Place on Main 5th Year Anniversary | Mohawk Valley Today
Tara and Gary

This year marks their fifth anniversary at That Little Place on Main and they have so much to celebrate.

With Marshall at his side, Gary has perfected the process of letting the flavor of the food he prepares really come through. He wants the locally sourced ingredients he uses to speak for themselves. From the moment produce and ingredients are sourced, special attention is given to freshness for optimum flavor.

Not only are the meals delicious, the service is friendly and warm.

Notes on tables in the booths left by customers share the many thanks and and great times had by all. After five years, Gary’s favorite thing about the diner is “the community that is created here, the stories told over the counter, and the people…the people.”

That Little Place on Main 5th Year Anniversary | Mohawk Valley Today

Five years is a milestone of success for any business, and That Little Place on Main has achieved this with plenty of momentum. Their focus on home-cooked meals, served in a friendly atmosphere, has proved to be a winning formula for Tara, Gary, Marshall and Talyar, as well as anyone who walks in the door. 

Be sure to stop by That Little Place on Main and congratulate Gary and Tara, and Taylar and Marshall, too, on their fifth year of serving Little Falls.

Always ask about the day’s specials as you are sure to be in for a treat. Check out the pies on the counter and grab the carrot cake when you can. Their cinnamon swirl pancakes are always a hit.

John and Emily at That Little Place on Main
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt at That Little Place on Main for breakfast!
Maple Weekends Mud Road Sugar House

Maple Weekends 2019

It was our first visit to a Sugar House, and to be honest, we didn’t know what to expect.  One thing for sure, a lot of time, energy and effort goes into making one of the most wonderfully natural food products available.

Maple Weekends Mud Road Sugar House

This past weekend, we met the folks at Mud Road Sugar House in Ephratah, NY, who have been making maple syrup for over 30 years. This family business has grown and improved over the years with upgrades to the process including more efficient evaporators, reverse osmosis systems, improved filtering equipment, and more efficient sap collection and storage.

The traditional image of collecting sap from maple trees uses metal buckets that hang on the sides of the trees. Stepping back in time, wagons pulled by horses used to transport the sap to the sugar house. Once there, boiling off the water in the sap was an around the clock operation in order to produce the syrup. 

Modern improvements today offer the ability to collect larger quantities of sap, faster boiling times, and increased production. Mud Road Sugar House has been through the evolution of maple syrup production and continues to improve their processes. Their focus is on quality syrup, available in a variety of grades, yielding an exceptional maple syrup and maple syrup products. 

Maple Weekends Mud Road Sugar House

We really enjoyed the tour of the sugar house, listened intently as the process was explained and we sampled freshly produced maple syrup on pancakes, as well as specialty products like maple mustard, and maple syrup that has been stored in oak whiskey barrels for a wonderfully unique flavor.

Visiting an operating sugar house during New York State’s Annual Maple Weekend this is just another reason why we love living in the Mohawk Valley. See the process for yourself this weekend at Mud Road Sugar House and Frasier’s Sugar Shack and enjoy these wonderful locations while they’re producing the local maple syrup we all love.

Mohawk Valley History

Mohawk Valley History and Tourism

Not only have we been visiting businesses and places throughout the Mohawk Valley, we have also added some new pages to our site to help online visitors see all that the area has to offer.

Mohawk Valley History

Our new Mohawk Valley History page was the result of someone contacting us through our website looking for more information. This new page features a map with data from New York State that provides quick access to the National Register of Historic Places locations throughout the Mohawk Valley. The wonderful thing about this map is that it shows how many historic places are throughout our area. The History page also features a number of historic places that we have listed on Mohawk Valley Today along with events that celebrate the area’s, and our nation’s, history.

Fort Herkimer Church Mohawk NY

We’ll be visiting more historic locations in the area as they open for the season, so if you know of one we need to visit, please let us know.

Mohawk Valley Tourism

Another page that we’ve worked on is our Mohawk Valley Tourism page. We’re featuring Mohawk Valley Events like the Cycle the Erie Canal event along with the American Revolution Mohawk Valley Conference both coming in June. On this page, we’ve also added historic places and museums, a map of all of our business listings, upcoming events, and an interactive map for the events so folks can see where the events are located.

Cycle the Canal Canal Rider

We will also be a page for the Great American Loop for boaters along with featuring some of our upcoming festivals. We’ll also soon be adding walking trails along with more recreational information so that all can enjoy the beautiful outdoors in the area.

If there’s anything you’d like to see, let us know. We added the history page based on feedback from our site visitors. Tell us what you’d like to see featured and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Joyfuls Vintage Designs Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

A wonderfully busy week in Little Falls

This past Friday, we found ourselves having a busy day–which was great!

Little Falls Historical Society Museum Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Little Falls Historical Society Museum

At the Little Falls Historical Society Museum, we met with folks to talk about their website at This busy group of local historians are truly a joy to work with.

This photo offers a sneak peak of the the museum’s new 2019 exhibit on the Prohibition Era.

Rusty Nail Grill and BBQ Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Rusty Nail Grill & BBQ

Our next stop was the Rusty Nail Grill & BBQ just 5 minutes up SR 169 outside of Little Falls. It was such a nice visit and we were happy to see all of the work they’ve done on the dining areas to make folks feel right at home.

Ruggiero's Trattoria Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Ruggiero’s Trattoria

In preparation for Restaurant Week in Little Falls, we were happy to stop by Ruggiero’s Trattoria and welcome them to Mohawk Valley Today. We’re so looking forward to the city-wide event and all of the great food being offered by local restaurants.

Joyfuls Vintage Designs Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Joyfuls Vintage Designs

While driving down Main Street we passed Joyfuls Vintage Designs and wound up circling around to find a parking spot so we could stop in. Inside is a wonderful selection of shabby chic designs creatively done by Joy. We had a great time and were so glad we stopped by.

Meeples Mug House Sprinkles | Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Meeples Mug House

There’s been a lot of talk about Meeples Mug House in Little Falls for the past few weeks. We were delighted to stop by and meet Matt who was hard at work getting ready for their opening day. We love their idea of bringing friends and community together while having fun playing games, drinking coffee, and having a bite to eat.

Thanks so much for a great week! We love when folks let us know what businesses we need to go to and meet, so if your favorite locally owned business needs to be on Mohawk Valley Today, let us know!

That Little Place on Main LIttle Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today-3

Our week in Little Falls and Herkimer

This past week we started getting out and about in Little Falls, NY, going to Il Caffé on Main Street, where we had something warm to drink along with other folks enjoying the sunny day.

Renewed and Rescued Herkimer NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Renewed and Rescued

We were so glad to have met the owner of Renewed and Rescued at 142 N. Main Street in Herkimer, located in what was a department store. We got to look around in all of the wonderful spaces featuring small furniture, home decor, Prima transfers, Dixie Belle paint, vintage glass, collectibles, and so much more. We were happy to take photos and to find something for our own home.

Wakefield Furniture Herkimer NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Wakefield Furniture

Our next stop was Wakefield Furniture where we were greeted warmly as they were getting ready for their Grand Opening. Wakefield Furniture is also located in a renovated department store right next store at 138 North Main Street. We love that Wakefield Furniture is locally owned and offers free delivery to many locations throughout the Mohawk Valley.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church LIttle Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

We headed back to Little Falls where we met with Adam at Emmanuel Episcopal Church to find out more about the church and the many services it offers the local community. Everyone was so gracious and we loved learning so much about the church, ongoing renovations at the Rectory, and the church’s history in Little Falls.

That Little Place on Main LIttle Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today-3

That Little Place on Main

While driving through Little Falls on the way to Emmanuel Episcopal Church, we were thrilled to see That Little Place on Main’s sandwich board announcing Friday night baked or fried haddock dinners were being served.

All of this to say, we ended our day with a delicious Haddock Dinner where lots of folks had the same idea. We were quite content to be in the midst of this diner’s happy atmosphere and finished the day with Carrot Cake to take home. (We were admittedly full from the delicious dinner, but couldn’t pass up Gary’s Carrot Cake!)

Il Caffe Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Enjoying the coffee and atmosphere at Il Caffé

We’re so glad we were able to get out early today and enjoy something warm to drink along with the comfortable atmosphere at Il Caffé. They’re still serving breakfast, but we couldn’t pass up their Lemon Cookies that went just perfectly with a Chai Latte.

If you’re in Little Falls, especially early in the day, be sure to stop by and try any one of their delicious treats, breakfasts, or lunch items.

Il Caffé is participating in Restaurant Week in Little Falls, NY, with a great lunch option

Ham Supreme Panini
with Chips
Regular Coffee or Soda

Il Caffé, Little Falls, NY
Prima Donna's Boutique | Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today Front

Out and about in Little Falls and Canajoharie

We had a great day on Friday visiting businesses in Little Falls and Canajoharie. We started out visiting several locations in Canal Place, Little Falls, NY.

Canal Place in Little Falls

Prima Donna's Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Prima Donna’s Boutique

Our first stop was Prima Donna’s Boutique located right next to the Mohawk River in Canal Place, in Little Falls NY. Browsing through her unique boutique we rarely leave empty handed, there is something here for everyone. You should stop in and meet Donna, who is always so knowledgeable and helpful.

MVCA Art Show | Mohawk Valley Today-1

Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts

The Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts is located next to Prima Donna’s Boutique and we wanted to stop in and take a look at the 4th Annual Student Teacher Art Show. It was wonderful to see the new art created by local students and their teachers. The Art Show is ongoing through March 8, 2019 so stop by soon. Gallery viewing hours are Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 4pm.

Huckleberry Letterpress Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

410 Collective

Our next stop was at the 410 Collective  – where Rochette and Huckleberry Letterpress Co. reside. We had a chance to catch up with Justin who told us about the success HuckleBerry Letterpress has been having especially at a recent trade show they visited in NYC. He was nearly finished fulfilling all the orders he received. Their unique cards are perfect for any occasion and are sure to bring on the smiles.

Canajoharie Places to Go

Lee's Shops at Wagner Square Canajoharie NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square

We then headed off to Canajoharie and met with Janet at Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square. Every time we visit and enter the front door into Lee’s Christmas Corner, we’re transported back in time to when, as children, we would go Christmas shopping with our family. The same feeling of excitement, delight and wonder comes over us. There is so much to see and do at Lee’s Shops. Janet and her team have created a unique experience and it’s definitely worth the visit.

Also, there is something new brewing at Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square…but we’ll have to save it for another post. So, stay tuned!

Mohawk Valley Today is so happy to welcome Picture Perfect Fine Art Gallery in Canajoharie to our site

Picture Perfect Art Gallery and Framing | Canajoharie, NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Picture Perfect Fine Art Gallery

Our final visit was with Picture Perfect Fine Art Gallery also in Canajoharie. We had visited last week and we wanted to show the owners their new listing on Mohawk Valley Today. It was also a great opportunity to view the work of all the local artists the have their work available for sale. There truly are so many talented local artists. Definitely a must visit!

We are currently making appointments and scheduling our visits for next week. If you’d like us to stop by this upcoming Friday, March 8, let us know!

Youth Art Month | Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Early March upcoming events on Mohawk Valley Today

March in the Mohawk Valley is starting off with some great events that will get you out and about!

4th Annual Student/Teacher Art Show at
Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts

The 4th Annual Student/Teacher Art Show at Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts is ongoing through March 8th. This Art Show features art work from both students and teachers and is organized by art educators in Herkimer County schools. Stop by while you can to see the artwork by teachers and students throughout Herkimer County.

MVCA Art Show | Mohawk Valley Today-1

14th Annual Nellis Tavern Antique Show & Sale

On Saturday, March 2 from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, be sure to stop by the The 14th Annual Antique Show & Sale presented by the Palatine Settlement Society at the Arkell Museum. All proceeds go to the restoration and continued preservation of the 1747 Nellis Tavern and School House #8 of St. Johnsville, NY.

Herkimer County Relay For Life Team Meetings

On Tuesday, March 5th, is the first of several Herkimer County Relay For Life Team Meetings in preparation for the Herkimer County Relay For Life Event coming in June to Little Falls. Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Open Mic Night at Highwheeler Coffee

Highwheeler Coffee’s Open Mic Night on March 5 starting at 6:30. This is a fun event where local musicians share their talents with the Mohawk Valley community. Stop by, enjoy the music, and encourage those stepping up to the mic as they share their love for music.

If you know of a Mohawk Valley event that we need to include? Let us know!