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Little Falls NY Antiques and Collectibles

Little Falls, NY, is a wonderfully scenic city and we love of its locally-owned small businesses. Check out our Little Falls Antiques locations to find the perfect vintage collectibles.

Shopping for Antiques in Little Falls, NY?

If you’re shopping for antiques, there’s no better place than Little Falls, NY. In Little Falls, you’ll find a wide variety of antiques including furniture, home decor, collectibles, those hard to find hardware and fixtures, along with so much more. Looking for that special piece? You’ll find it at the many Little Falls Antiques vendors, shops, and specialty locations. From Historic Canal Place to just outside Little Falls on Route 5, take a look at Rochelle – A Curated Hive, Showcase Antiques of CNYThe Old Barn Marketplace and Little Falls Antique Center.

Know of a locally owned small business? Let us know.

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