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Retro Ruby's Photography Herkimer NY | Mohawk Valley Today

From Herkimer to Canajoharie and plenty of places in between

Canal Side Inn Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Mohawk Valley Today places to go

We had a great week beginning with photos at the The Café at Stone Mill and Canal Side Inn both located in Canal Place in Little Falls. Also on our list was taking photos at Retro Ruby’s Photography on N. Main Street in Herkimer. Taking photos here was a ton of fun as there are some really awesome sets and photo props that just made our time there a blast.

Dr. Bob Albrect as the English Professor in A Biologist, English Professor, and Psychologist Walk Into a Bar...

A Biologist, English Professor, & Psychologist Walk Into a Bar…

This One City, One Book event, was one that we didn’t want to miss! We arrived early and enjoyed a very nice meal at Ruggiero’s Trattoria. Once the event started, everyone knew they were in for a treat. Ruggiero’s hosted a great crowd and we were happy to gather with friends while discovering more about the book and each other.

Out and About in St. Johnsville, Canajoharie, & Fort Plain

Starting on Route 5, we headed to St. Johnsville for Parkside Drive Inn. We were so happy about Parkside’s season opening and couldn’t pass up their signature salad. On to Canajoharie, we had an opportunity to talk with Dorine about Picture Perfect Fine Art Gallery and how they do on-site framing at their location on Erie Blvd.

On Canal Street in Fort Plain

Chef Aaron’s garlic and cheddar grits with sautéed mushroom and spinach.
The mushrooms include shiitake, oyster and beech mushrooms, for a delicious vegetarian dish.

In Fort Plain, we stopped in to say “Hi!” to Rebecca at Highwheeler Coffee and were thrilled to be able to chat over the best freshly ground coffee that just hit the spot. While there, we had a chance to talk with Chef Aaron at The Table at Fort Plain. Chef Aaron and his team are already planning for Mother’s Day. Chef Aaron shared with us about how people throughout the Mohawk Valley go to The Table as a destination. Because Fort Plain is midway between Albany and Utica, many travel to The Table at Fort Plain to meet with friends and family while enjoying a delicious meal made from the best locally sourced ingredients.

We’re out and about every week and look forward to meeting you in our travels through the Mohawk Valley.

Cover photo was taken by G. Rogers at Retro Ruby’s Photography in Herkimer, NY.

Joyfuls Vintage Designs Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

A wonderfully busy week in Little Falls

This past Friday, we found ourselves having a busy day–which was great!

Little Falls Historical Society Museum Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Little Falls Historical Society Museum

At the Little Falls Historical Society Museum, we met with folks to talk about their website at littlefallshistoricalsociety.org. This busy group of local historians are truly a joy to work with.

This photo offers a sneak peak of the the museum’s new 2019 exhibit on the Prohibition Era.

Rusty Nail Grill and BBQ Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Rusty Nail Grill & BBQ

Our next stop was the Rusty Nail Grill & BBQ just 5 minutes up SR 169 outside of Little Falls. It was such a nice visit and we were happy to see all of the work they’ve done on the dining areas to make folks feel right at home.

Ruggiero's Trattoria Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Ruggiero’s Trattoria

In preparation for Restaurant Week in Little Falls, we were happy to stop by Ruggiero’s Trattoria and welcome them to Mohawk Valley Today. We’re so looking forward to the city-wide event and all of the great food being offered by local restaurants.

Joyfuls Vintage Designs Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Joyfuls Vintage Designs

While driving down Main Street we passed Joyfuls Vintage Designs and wound up circling around to find a parking spot so we could stop in. Inside is a wonderful selection of shabby chic designs creatively done by Joy. We had a great time and were so glad we stopped by.

Meeples Mug House Sprinkles | Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Meeples Mug House

There’s been a lot of talk about Meeples Mug House in Little Falls for the past few weeks. We were delighted to stop by and meet Matt who was hard at work getting ready for their opening day. We love their idea of bringing friends and community together while having fun playing games, drinking coffee, and having a bite to eat.

Thanks so much for a great week! We love when folks let us know what businesses we need to go to and meet, so if your favorite locally owned business needs to be on Mohawk Valley Today, let us know!

Enjoying the coffee and atmosphere at Il Caffé

We’re so glad we were able to get out early today and enjoy something warm to drink along with the comfortable atmosphere at Il Caffé. They’re still serving breakfast, but we couldn’t pass up their Lemon Cookies that went just perfectly with a Chai Latte.

If you’re in Little Falls, especially early in the day, be sure to stop by and try any one of their delicious treats, breakfasts, or lunch items.

Il Caffé is participating in Restaurant Week in Little Falls, NY, with a great lunch option

Ham Supreme Panini
with Chips
Regular Coffee or Soda

Il Caffé, Little Falls, NY