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The Queen's Cartoonists

The Queen’s Cartoonists

Enjoy your favorite classic cartoon characters as they interact with musicians on stage!

Pulling from over 100 years of animation from around the world, TQC’s performances are perfectly synchronized to the films projected on stage. The band matches the energy of the cartoons, leading the audience through a world of virtuosic musicianship, multi-instrumental mayhem, and comedy.

Tickets are $25

Inspired by the crossroads of jazz, classical music, and cartoons, TQC features Jazz Age composers like Carl Stalling, Raymond Scott, and John Kirby, alongside classical giants Mozart, Rossini, and Strauss (to name just a few). You can expect the unexpected from the Golden Age of Animation, including cult cartoon classics, and modern animated films.

To learn more or reserve tickets, visit carogaarts.org

The Queen's Cartoonists