What I do

When it comes to design and web development strategies, I get excited and energized when I talk with folks about their online presence.

My experience designing and creating websites has been a long, adventurous journey. Mohawk Valley Today and Mohawk Valley Museums were created out my love for the Mohawk Valley and a desire to share all that is happening In the Mohawk Valley with the folks that live here as well as those that might want to visit or live here, too!

I’ve been working in tech-related fields for a long time and just keep coming back for more.

I have more than 15 years marketing experience including graphic, print (posters, brochures, book layout and publishing) and internet strategies. My work keeps me current in marketing strategies and design, as well as technical experience in domain and server management.

Most importantly, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned to help folks get excited about sharing what they do.

Ginny Rogers


Graphic, web, and print design services.


Whether you need marketing online, or on the counter, we can help.

Let’s talk! Let us know if you need help with your design or marketing goals.

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