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Gloversville is located in Fulton County, New York. Gloversville was first settled as early as 1752 and was incorporated as a city in 1890.

The City of Gloversville, NY

Gloversville is a city in the Mohawk Valley region of Upstate New York, and the most populous city in Fulton County. Gloversville was once the hub of the United States’ glovemaking industry, with over two hundred manufacturers in Gloversville and the adjacent city of Johnstown. In 2010, Gloversville had a population of 15,665. In 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau’s estimates program calculated that the city’s population was 15,068.

Historic Gloversville

The region, historically known as “Kingsborough”, was acquired by Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet, who established tremendous influence with the Native Americans of the area, which translated into control of the Mohawk Valley region. It was due to Johnson where the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy remained allied with England during the French and Indian War.

In 1852 Gloversville had a population of 1,318 living on 525 acres in 250 small wood-frame houses centered on the “Four Corners” formed by the intersection of Main and Fulton Streets. The proximity of hemlock forests to supply bark for tanning made the community a center of leather production early in its history: there were already 40 small glove and mitten factories there by 1852. The city would become the center of the American glovemaking industry for many years. From 1890 to 1950, 90% of all gloves sold in the United States were made in Gloversville. – Wikipedia

Explore Gloversville

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  • City of Gloversville

    The City of Gloversville website with information on City Hall along with city services, parks and recreation, police and fire departments, and so much more.

  • Hospitals that serve Gloversville

    Gloversville Health Center
    84 East State St.
    Gloversville, NY 12078

    Tel: (518) 773-7710
    Fax: (518) 773-2905
    Every day: 8am – 8pm

    St Mary’s in Gloversville treats patients with injuries or illnesses that require immediate medical attention but are not life threatening. Urgent Care can provide a good alternative to seeking treatment in an Emergency Department where you may experience a long wait while patients with critical illnesses or injuries are treated. Urgent Care is also available to you when your family doctor is booked or the office is closed.

  • Gloversville Public Library

    The Gloversville Public Library possesses a collection of approximately 37,000+ volumes with a special collection dedicated to local history. The collection also contains DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, daily newspapers, microfilm of the local newspaper, ebooks, eaudiobooks, emagazines, children’s braille, and a paperback collection.

    Internet access is available in the Reference Room and WiFi is available throughout the building. Please review the internet policy before using the computers and wireless network.

    Gloversville Public Library
    58 East Fulton Street • Gloversville, New York
    phone: (518) 725-2819 • fax: (518) 773-0292

  • City of Gloversville Downtown Revitalization Initiative

    The Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) is a New York State program designed to foster the transformation of urban centers with significant potential for redevelopment, business, job creation, greater economic and housing diversity, and opportunity. The intention is to provide funding that can help communities on the cusp of economic revitalization tip over into sustained prosperity. Communities are selected annually by their respective Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) through a competitive application process. Previous winners for the Mohawk Valley Region are Oneonta, Rome, Amsterdam, and Utica.

    Gloversville was announced as a Round Five DRI awardee for the Mohawk Valley Region in December 2021 due to the City’s demonstrated commitment and momentum toward revitalizing downtown. The City has received a $10 million grant to develop a Strategic Investment Plan and implement key catalytic projects that advance the community’s vision for revitalization. The effort will be led by a Local Planning Committee (LPC)composed of municipal representatives, community leaders, and other stakeholders and guided by regular input from the public collected through a series of community engagement opportunities as outlined in the Public Engagement Strategy. The LPC will also be supported by a team of private sector experts and state planners and informed by regular input from the local community. – City of Gloversville DRI website

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