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The Pride of Little Falls by John Frazier

Every high school class has its outstanding students – the class valedictorian, the star athlete, the popular one, the most likely to succeed

Little Falls Patriots Day Program this Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

Each year, the Little Falls Historical Society honors Patriots Day by hosting an event at a local historical site that played an important role in our colonial and Revolutionary War eras.


The Little Falls Historical Society will co-host a Saturday, May 18, Patriots Day observance program beginning at 11 a.m.

The Railway Express Agency and Pigeon Releasing

Sometimes all it takes is a picture to generate a Little Falls Historical Society writing series piece. Such is the case with this article.

A Sailor at Heart | The Life Story of Charles P. Byron

The prelude to the life story of Charles P. Byron begins as one walks through the entrance of the Old St. Mary’s Cemetery.

The Great Bicycle Relay Race of 1892.

The Great Bicycle Relay Race of 1892

Details of the Great Bicycle Race were published in The Saturday Globe. This article has been adapted and added to by Ann Eysaman Schuyler.

Lundstrom Bookcase’s Long Journey Home

Lundstrom sectional barrister bookcases are often found in local law offices and private homes,holding sets of law books and personal libraries.

Little Falls Historical Society 2024 Writing Series dedicated to Edwin Vogt

Edwin Vogt was the first person to draw attention to the all-but-forgotten “Colored Burial Grounds” section of Church Street Cemetery.

Circa 1950s -Photo by Howard Ohlhous


On December 1, 1853, John Burnham was attempted to cross the aqueduct on the side without rails, slipped on the ice, and fell 20 or 25 feet to his death upon the rocks below.”

Mysteries of the Bowie Knife by Ann Schuyler

I sat by the window on the night of September 29th watching the last of four Super Full Moons when random memories ran through my mind.

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