Free Forest Bathing Downloadable

This sign was created and hung on a tree in preparation for a reunion we were hosting. I made it just for a bit of fun to encourage family to enjoy a walk in the woods, and it worked! Download the SVG file and create your own or make a variation that will work for you. To make the sign

  • Download the “Free Forest Bathing” sign in a scalable SVG file.
  • Cut a pine board to size.
  • Paint the board with black chalkboard paint. Let the paint dry.
  • Print the downloaded file to match the size of the board you want to use and secure the printed paper to the board using painter’s tape.
  • Trace the letters (outline the thicker font) by using a dull point on the paper to leave an indentation to follow on the pine board. I used a small hex point screwdriver. The trick is to choose something that’s not too sharp (you don’t want to rip the paper) but that’s strong enough to leave a good indentation in the wood. The small hex screwdriver worked for me.
  • Once I traced all of the letters, I pulled up one end of the paper and checked to make sure I could see all of the letters. Satisfied with the results, I painted the letters in with an iridescent white paint; you could also use white chalk paint.
  • The trees on the sign below look a little different than the printable because I added them freehand with the paint. I included trees in the printable to make it easier. Happy trails!
Free Forest Bathing This Way Downloadable | Mohawk Valley Today-1