Storytelling Returns to Schoharie Crossing

Not Just for Kids Storytelling on Sunday, July 9, at 1pm outside the Visitor Center with weekend activities featuring music & antique engines.

This weekend’s Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival features live entertainment all day

Get ready for great entertainment and lots of fun at this weekend’s Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival in Little Falls, NY.

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Labor day weekend fun is here with lots happening throughout the Mohawk Valley! Check out these five events.

Easter Eggs in Plain Sight

Happy Easter in the Mohawk Valley!

Snowy Day Reel

We decided to have a little fun on the recent snowy day here in the Mohawk Valley! Snowy days often bring with them the need to clear driveways, steps and cars.

A Snowy Day

Its the same each time. It happens just once each winter. The very first “significant” snowfall. The First Snow is indeed a magical event! The snow covers everything and makes the world a little bit brighter, cleaner, and quieter for just a little while.

Free Forest Bathing Downloadable

This sign was created and hung on a tree in preparation for a reunion we were hosting. I made it just for a bit of fun to encourage family to enjoy a walk in the woods, and it worked! Download the SVG file and create your own or make a variation that will work for you. To make the sign

  • Download the “Free Forest Bathing” sign in a scalable SVG file.
  • Cut a pine board to size.
  • Paint the board with black chalkboard paint. Let the paint dry.
  • Print the downloaded file to match the size of the board you want to use and secure the printed paper to the board using painter’s tape.
  • Trace the letters (outline the thicker font) by using a dull point on the paper to leave an indentation to follow on the pine board. I used a small hex point screwdriver. The trick is to choose something that’s not too sharp (you don’t want to rip the paper) but that’s strong enough to leave a good indentation in the wood. The small hex screwdriver worked for me.
  • Once I traced all of the letters, I pulled up one end of the paper and checked to make sure I could see all of the letters. Satisfied with the results, I painted the letters in with an iridescent white paint; you could also use white chalk paint.
  • The trees on the sign below look a little different than the printable because I added them freehand with the paint. I included trees in the printable to make it easier. Happy trails!
Free Forest Bathing This Way Downloadable | Mohawk Valley Today-1