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Herkimer Diamond Mines

Where to mine for Herkimer Diamonds

If you’re heading to Herkimer County, the Herkimer Diamond Mines should be at the top of your lists to visit. While it’s gone through some changes over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is the opportunity to mine for your own Herkimer Diamonds.

Found only in the Mohawk Valley, Herkimer Diamonds are double-terminated quartz crystals that have beautifully naturally formed shapes. These beautiful gemstones can take up to five hundred million years old to form and are wonderful works of nature, found in the rock, having a diamond-like geometrical shape. Thus, the name recognition of “Herkimer Diamonds.”

At Herkimer Diamond Mines, you can also pan for semiprecious gems while enjoying the fun atmosphere. On site there’s the Canteen café for lunch, as well as the Miner’s Table restaurant, both of which will have new menus up in April

Across the street from the Mines is The KOA Resort, situated on the West Canada Creek. The Herkimer Diamond Mines KOA Resort was named Campground of the year in 2010.

Groups are welcome with group rates available. For more information, visit

Open for the season on April 15, 2023!



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