Happy 5th Anniversary
to That Little Place on Main!

For five years now, Tara, Gary, Marshall and Taylar, have created “that little place” where local folks and visitors alike enjoy breakfast, lunch, pies, and so much more. When you walk in the door, you’re welcomed into the heart of their family-run diner where they provide the best food, made from the best ingredients in the area. You’ll hear the sizzling on the grill, smell the coffee brewing, and while you listen to the old time music, you’ll be in the middle of an experience they’ve created to make you feel right at home. You know that when you walk in the door, you’re in the right place at the right time.

That Little Place on Main 5th Year Anniversary | Mohawk Valley Today
Tara and Gary

This year marks their fifth anniversary at That Little Place on Main and they have so much to celebrate.

With Marshall at his side, Gary has perfected the process of letting the flavor of the food he prepares really come through. He wants the locally sourced ingredients he uses to speak for themselves. From the moment produce and ingredients are sourced, special attention is given to freshness for optimum flavor.

Not only are the meals delicious, the service is friendly and warm.

Notes on tables in the booths left by customers share the many thanks and and great times had by all. After five years, Gary’s favorite thing about the diner is “the community that is created here, the stories told over the counter, and the people…the people.”

That Little Place on Main 5th Year Anniversary | Mohawk Valley Today

Five years is a milestone of success for any business, and That Little Place on Main has achieved this with plenty of momentum. Their focus on home-cooked meals, served in a friendly atmosphere, has proved to be a winning formula for Tara, Gary, Marshall and Talyar, as well as anyone who walks in the door. 

Be sure to stop by That Little Place on Main and congratulate Gary and Tara, and Taylar and Marshall, too, on their fifth year of serving Little Falls.

Always ask about the day’s specials as you are sure to be in for a treat. Check out the pies on the counter and grab the carrot cake when you can. Their cinnamon swirl pancakes are always a hit.

John and Emily at That Little Place on Main
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt at That Little Place on Main for breakfast!