Fourth of July in the Mohawk Valley

Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is a United States federal holiday commemorating the approval of the Declaration of Independence of the United States by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

Featured Event: Art Walk in Little Falls!

Thursday, June 16 Little Falls is hosting its annual Art Walk. Art work is displayed throughout the city with artist live demonstrations.

Oneida Nation Craft Fair Flyer

Oneida Indian Nation Craft Fair

Enjoy a day out at the Shako:wi Cultural Center at the Craft Fair featuring Native artists, vendors and food. Smoke Dance Competition is at 1pm.

Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival 2022

The Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival is now accepting vendor applications for this year’s event on September 10, 2022 in Little Falls, NY.

Mohawk Valley Weekend Events

City of Amsterdam’s Market on the Mohawk

Market on the Mohawk will be an open-air green market which will run Saturday mornings, May 7-October 29, from 10am-2pm adjacent to Amsterdam’s Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook.

Canal Side Inn – Dinner for Two

Canal-Side-Inn | Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

It had been a long hectic week, and it was still Wednesday. Appointments, meetings and other distractions seemed to have taken over. 

After leaving a meeting at Canal Place in Little Falls, we climbed in our car and let out a long exhaled breath to help unwind before we began moving again. Another long day and the time was approaching 7:00pm. 

Starting the car we thought about what to do for dinner. Looking out the windshield the welcoming green window canopies and the words, “Canal Side Inn” caught our attention.

We shut off the car and walked across the street to get some dinner. We just wanted to be still for a little while before heading home. And we were so glad that the Canal Side Inn caught our attention!

The Canal Side Inn in historic Canal Place, Little Falls, NY, is a warm, inviting, and welcoming place that is great for special occasions, celebrations, events, or just to stop by mid-week for a great meal.

Once we arrived we immediately felt at home as we settled in, looking forward to a nice meal and good company. Everything was superb. 

Chef John Luciano at the Canal Side Inn Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Chef John had recently updated the menu and the options all looked so good and tempting it was hard to decide. We recommend you stop by and take a peek yourself and see what you find most appealing.

We opted to start with the Maryland Bleu Crabe Gâteau as a starter. For the main course we each tried something different.  The Poulet Croquettes and the Not Your Average Meatloaf were both exceptionally satisfying. We really enjoyed our meal savoring each bite as we explored the flavors, seasoning, and textures of these wonderfully crafted dishes.

Getting back in the car and heading home we felt renewed, energized and fulfilled.

Our stop at the Canal Side Inn was just the break we needed.

We were able to take some time for ourselves and have a nice meal together in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Thanks so much to Chef John and all of the staff!

Restaurant Week | Little Falls NY | Mohawk Valley Today

You can find the Canal Side Inn at 395 Canal Place, Little Falls, NY. For reservations, or to inquire about holding your event or special occasion at the Canal Side Inn please call  (315) 823-1170. You can also check out their website at

But above all, be sure to stop by and enjoy a great meal yourself. You’ll be very glad you did!

The Pleasant Lake Inn then and now

Our family truly enjoys living in the Mohawk Valley. This beautiful region is great place to live work and play. We feel very lucky to be able to call this area home!

Traveling throughout the valley and surrounding areas is something we do a lot. We love to see what is over the next rise and discover new and interesting places along the way. 

One of our favorite places to go to enjoy some delicious food and create lasting family memories is The Pleasant Lake Inn in Stratford, NY.

The Pleasant Lake Inn’s story

The Pleasant Lake Inn was original built in in the 1930’s just a short distance from Pleasant Lake. The Inn served the local folks who had camps on the lake providing home cooked meals and a small bar to wet your whistle. The location takes advantage of the east-west route of NYS-29A, the proximity to Pleasant Lake, and the attraction of outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and snowmobiling in the area.

The Inn had a few rooms upstairs they rented out during the different seasons for local travelers, etc. They did a thriving business during hunting season and then later as snowmobiles grew in popularity. Hunters from far and wide knew of The Pleasant Lake Inn, the great food offered, and excellent hunting available nearby.

The Pleasant Lake Inn in the 1970s.

These qualities, and the good times enjoyed there is what drew my father to “The Inn.”

Back when I was just a lad, my father traveled upstate to enjoy hunting season and often stayed at the Inn. Traveling with his friends, they’d caravan together as they took the 5-hour journey. He enjoyed his time so much that in 1969 he bought The Pleasant lake Inn as he took his young family upstate.

When I think of where I would call home when I was young, I think of living at the Pleasant Lake Inn. Living there was a unique experience and I have many good memories of being there with family, friends, and growing up there.

Remembering growing up at the Pleasant Lake Inn.

It was here that I learned to hunt with my father and learned to cook with my mother. Our cooking, however, was for the large groups of snowmobilers and other groups when they arrived. Not surprisingly, I also learned how to entertain myself living in a neighborhood with few other kids to play with.

Hunting, fishing, swimming, snowmobiling, building tree houses, and camping in the woods were typical activities growing up. Winters were always fun! I remember winters with so much snow! I enjoyed learning to ski and helping my parents groom the local snowmobile trails. The trail grooming made it easier for snowmobilers to make their way to The Inn.  

As a family business, my brothers and I balanced our fun with helping out where we could. Cleaning the bar and refilling the coolers each morning before the school bus arrived was our morning routine. Winters were cold – so there was plenty of wood to split, stack and carry. 

Pleasant Lake Inn on NYS 29A during snowmobile season.

The Pleasant Lake Inn today

These days, the Pleasant Lake Inn is a warm, welcoming place offering great food, good cheer, and friendly staff who make you feel right at home! The location takes advantage of proximity to Pleasant Lake, and the attraction of outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, hunting, and fishing.

Warm and welcoming dining experience in the Adirondacks.

With each visit to the Pleasant Lake Inn we feel welcomed, renewed, and at home. When you visit, be sure to say “Hi!” to Gail and Nate. Over the past few years they have worked hard making many improvements to the building. They offer great food for you to enjoy, and have established a great place to be to make lasting memories with family and friends!

The food is wonderful and everything is an excellent choice. If you enjoy having a burger, than the PLI Burger would be a great place to start!

Enjoy a signature PLI burger at The Inn.

Wilde Rep Theatre’s Music and Entertainment in January

The Wilde Rep Theatre in New Hartford is excited about their upcoming shows and entertainment in January.

First, on January 18 at 7:30pm, enjoy the CNY Magic Show’s Ryan Bliss.

Get ready to “Unexpect the Expected” with an evening full of surprises. Treat yourself, or go with a crowd and have fun with Ryan’s unique brand of off-kilter magic and comedy. You’ll never know what to expect, so “unexpect” and enjoy the spectacle! Tickets start at just $10 for members and $15 for general admission!

Ryan Bliss: Unexpect the Expected

Another awesome night of local music at The Wilde!

Then the Wilde Rep’s doors open on January 24th at 7:30pm for the triple headliner music event starting at 8:00pm.

Hometown musical heroes Zachary Robison, Ophelia’s Looking Glass featuring Jessica and Jennifer Lawrence, and Shane Archer Reed perform live!

Tickets are sure to go fast at only $5 for members and students, and only $10 for general admission! Additionally, with three different musical styles, there’s something for everyone.

Zach Robison, Ophelia's Looking Glass and Shane Archer Reed in Concert

Zachary Robison grew up in Whitesboro and currently lives in Oswego.
He’s been performing for years, and is studying with Doctor Todd Graber at SUNY Oswego.

Ophelia’s Looking Glass is an identical twin sister duo of ethereal Gothic music. The band formed because they wanted to create a fresh and unique sound together.

Shane Archer Reed combines powerful alternative and pop rock melodies. His musical theatre background allows him to create a sound and style all his own.