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Mysteries of the Bowie Knife by Ann Schuyler

I sat by the window on the night of September 29th watching the last of four Super Full Moons when random memories ran through my mind.

Explore all that Mohawk Valley History has to offer

Mohawk Valley Museums highlights Mohawk Valley history while supporting  the museums and historical societies across the region.

Fenimore Art Museum By Beyond My Ken

Fenimore Art Museum presents virtual tours focused on the museum’s collections

Fenimore Art Museum presents free virtual tours focused on the museum’s collection on select Tuesdays from January – March.

A visit to the Fort Plain Museum and Historical Park

This week, Norm Bollen, board member of the Fort Plain Museum and Historical Park invited the Rural Placemaking Innovation Challenge (RPIC) team to visit the museum and park.

Mohawk Valley Museums – Where history is happening!

Chances are you’ve seen the Mohawk Valley History and Arts link at the top of our website. This link takes you to our latest project, Mohawk Valley Museums.

The Palatine Germans in Search of a Land to Call Home

January 17, 2022 marks the 300th anniversary of the land purchase that would become the Burnetsfield Patent.

Mohawk Valley History and Tourism

Explore Mohawk Valley History through its museums and historical societies.

Tag Archive for: History

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