The Glove Theatre Announces Search for General Manager

The Glove Theatre officially announces its formal search to fill its newly created General Manager position, the organization’s first hired role in almost two decades.

Jim Hive Stuff

First Beekeeping Season in the Mohawk Valley

This will be our first beekeeping season! We really enjoy living in the Mohawk Valley and we continue to discover opportunities to learn, grow and experience new things.

Homemade Maple Syrup - Mohawk Valley Today

Homemade Maple Syrup

Just the idea of it – Collect sap from trees and turning it into sugar, and also sweet delicious syrup. How did people come up with the idea to make maple syrup?? Making Homemade Maple Syrup in the Mohawk Valley has long history. We are happy to be part of this fascinating and wonderful tradition!

Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful

2022 Regional Clean & Green Effort

MVEDD, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and our partners are gearing up for our 2022 regional clean up.

Early Spring in the Mohawk Valley

Looking Ahead – Spring in the Mohawk Valley

Looking ahead to Spring, we dwell on thoughts of being outside more, gardening, and getting out and about in the Mohawk Valley. Spring, which officially began on March 21st—seems a bit slow to arrive. The snow has already melted, the ground is softened, and yet, there are snow flurries across the Mohawk Valley today.

Jim Has a Big Question 1600v3

The Big Question

It has been a long, winding adventure that has found us living here in the Mohawk Valley and the big question is still with us. If you were to ask me when I was young where I thought we might end up some day, I’m not sure I could have guessed the Mohawk Valley is the place. But I’m so glad we’re here!

Snowy Day Reel

We decided to have a little fun on the recent snowy day here in the Mohawk Valley! Snowy days often bring with them the need to clear driveways, steps and cars.

A Snowy Day

Its the same each time. It happens just once each winter. The very first “significant” snowfall. The First Snow is indeed a magical event! The snow covers everything and makes the world a little bit brighter, cleaner, and quieter for just a little while.

Black Walnut Cold Stratification

Black Walnut Cold Stratification Experiments

Black Walnut Trees on our property are such beautiful trees! But the nuts require cold stratification in order to sprout. That means the nuts must go through an extended cold period to start the growing process.