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Farm to Table Tour 2023

Farm to Table Tour Visits

The 2023 Farm to Table Tour in Fulton and Montgomery counties made for a spectacularly beautiful day to be out in the Mohawk Valley.

Farm to Table Tour - Willow Tree Wisdom

We’re so excited about this year’s Farm to Table Tour!

During the peak of summer harvest, local farms will welcome visitors, during the 2nd Annual Farm to Table Tour, Sunday, July 30th, 10am-4pm.

Amy Hoefele of Appleridge Farm in Fonda speaks today at Karen’s Produce during a press conference kicking-off the Farm to Table Tour and Harvest Connection program.

Montgomery County Farm to Table Tour: Farmers Connecting with Consumers

Farm to Table Tour, Harvest Connection helping Montgomery County farmers unite with consumers throughout the region.

Farm Stores in the Mohawk Valley

Farm Stores of the Mohawk Valley

Thanks to local farms and modern technology, farm stores in the Mohawk Valley are easier to find, open more hours and offer electronic payment options.

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