Farm Stores in the Mohawk Valley

Farm Stores in the Mohawk Valley

Farm stores in the Mohawk Valley are not the farm stands we grew up with. Thanks to local farms implementing various forms of technology, the farm store is easier to find and very often offers more than you might think.

I am always on the look out for a farm store or farm stand as I’m driving along local roads here in the Mohawk Valley.

West End Farm Banner

Photo by West End Farm Stand

Many customers for farm stands are local friends and neighbors, folks who know about the farm and what they sell. Word of mouth marketing helps to keep a flow of customers to the farm stand. And sometimes, the drive-by customer stops in and buys something tasty as they continue on their journey, and helps to spread the word.

Typically a farm stand, or farm store, is a local farm shop that allows local farms, growers and producers to take what they grow and make, and sell directly to the consumer – usually from a stand or shop at the end of the driveway. Very often the products sold are grown and made directly on the farm, and some farm shops also sell products from other local farmers and producers.

Farm stands have been part of local farming communities for as long as there have been farms.

The very first customers for farms were local friends, neighbors, and general stores in the area. As communities grew, local farms evolved to bringing their products to the local market. At the market, brokers would buy their goods and ship them off to large cities where demand was high. Here in the Mohawk Valley those early larger consumer markets were in Albany and New York City.

One example of a farm’s history, progress and impact this system had on farmers can be seen in the history of The VanSlykle House, known and distinguished as Lot#43 of the Burnetsfield Patent. This farm played a significant role as a local dairy farm and their participation with the local Little Falls Cheese Market.

“…as noted in prominent cheese broker Harry Burrell’s list of preferred dairy farmers in the mid-to-late 1800s.”

The VanSlyke Farm’s fortunes rose and fell along with the fortunes of the Little Falls Cheese Market.

Over the years, local Mohawk Valley farmers have faced many challenges to their lifestyle and livelihoods. As markets shifted, competition increased, and with westward expansion came additional competition and lower prices for farmers. The local farmer has had to weather these challenges. One thing that continues to be part of the local farm industry is the farm stand.

Plaid Farm Store banner

The Plaid Farm Store, Amsterdam NY. Photo by The Plaid Farm Store.

Thanks to technology, today’s modern farm stand very often has evolved into a Farm Shop.

Many farm shops resemble and operate as a 24 hours local convenience store. Payment options have expanded to include not only cash, but also credit card and a variety of other electronic methods for exchanging money to make purchases. Many farms also have websites and are active on social media keeping us all updated as to what they’re offering and what’s in season.

The modern farm store is often situated in a shed or out building on the farm, equipped with electricity so the farm shops can keep milk, cheese, eggs, ice cream and other perishables, cool and fresh in refrigerators and freezers in the store.

If you haven’t visited one of the many Mohawk Valley Farm stores, now is the time to check them out.

Farms are in the peak growing and harvesting time. This makes visiting the farm store now a great opportunity to shop for the best, and freshest farm products in the valley!

To make things a bit easier for you we have created a small list of some of the local farm stores in the Mohawk Valley. Please take a look and see which ones are located near you, and be sure to visit real soon!

If you know of a local farm store near you, please let us know and we’ll be happy to add them to our directory!

Farm to Table tourAlso, remember the Farm To Table Tour is coming soon on July 30, 2023! This will be a great opportunity to get out find your local farm store and visit a few farms that help provide us the food we love so much!

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