A Snowy Day

Recentyy we received our first significant snow fall here in the Mohawk Valley.

And Jim being Jim, he takes his own unique approach as he enjoys “A Snowy Day” at historic Van Slyke House!

Click the link to the video on YouTube and follow along with Jim and see what he gets up to!

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Tell us what you remember about snowy days when you were a kid!

A Snowy Day in the Mohawk Valley

Its the same each time. It happens just once each winter. The very first “significant” snowfall. The First Snow is indeed a magical event! The snow covers everything and makes the world a little bit brighter, cleaner, and quieter for just a little while.

The experience makes you want to slow down just a little bit, take in the beauty and the quiet, and explore like we did once before when we were children.

Up until now, we had an iffy kind of winter. Warm temps, and just a little bit of snow that soon melted within a day or two. It was not what you would call a “White Christmas” in the traditional view this year.

But still, this snowy day gave us the chance to remember what it was like to be a kid once again.

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Learn more about the historic Van Slyke House!

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