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Crystal Grove Diamond Mine and Campground

Crystal Grove Diamond Mine & Campground

Our Camping Season runs Mid-April Through Mid-October. We have many different types of accommodations to suit your camping needs and look forward to seeing you at our beautiful Campground and Quartz Crystal Mines!

“Herkimer Diamonds” are a type of quartz crystal found only in certain parts of Upstate, New York. This is an open-pit mine, which means you are not underground and are in the elements. The crystals are all over, wherever Mother Nature left them 500,000,000 years ago. It’s your goal to find them! We do find other minerals here at Crystal Grove, which tend to be associated with Herkimer Diamonds, such as: Calcite, Dolomite crystals, anthraxolite and pyrite!

To mine for Herkimer Diamonds, you need luck & hard work. There are 3 basic approaches:

1. Luck! Walk around looking for exposed crystals on the ground. This technique works best on a sunny day after a rain.

2. If you are more ambitious, you can sift through the dirt looking for loose crystals. This is a good technique for younger children.

3. If you want a real hard rock mining experience, try working the ledge, looking for matrix specimens (crystals still attached to the rock). The matrix is dolomitic limestone and is some of the hardest rock on earth. With luck and hard work, it is possible to find something special; time, experience and lots of big tools come in handy also.


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