Mohawk Valley Featured Farm: Dreamroad Farm Store

Once again we are so pleased to share with you this week’s local Mohawk Valley Farm!

Dreamroad Farm is operated by two sisters after taking over running the farm from their parents in 2016. Much of the farm produces milk which is sold to Cabot to make delicious cheese products! You’re sure to find plenty at the Dreamroad Farm because not only do they sell their own products, they also sell products from other area farmers in the community to offer a wide selection of produce.

About Dreamroad

After taking over from their parents in 2016, Dreamroad Jerseys LLC. is owned by sisters Sandra Scott and Rebecca Ferry. They operate Dreamroad Farm and Farm Store, which they feel is your little, local grocery stop! The farm store carries a large selection of locally produced products.

In their own words,

We started this store as a way to help promote our meat products but also to help our fellow farmers bring their products to more customers. We try and support each other and to give the consumer a more fulfilled experience. We also really have grown to be able to share the farm with the consumers and our neighbors. From Farm Tours, Birthday Parties, Harvest Host site, and Tent sites we try and encourage people to come see the animals and enjoy the beauty that is the farm landscape.   Now being a Dairy of Distinction Farm and NYS Grown and Certified on our meat, we strive for everyone to have a great experience and want to come back regularly.

What’s new this week

Dreamroad Farm Store, open 24/7, is located at 165 LaGrange Road, Johnstown, NY and offers a variety of locally produced farm products.

Dreamroad Farm Store, image by Dreamroad Farm Store

Dreamroad Farm Store is currently running the following specials:

  • BEEF SAMPLER – for $75 you get 5lbs of ground beef, 3-4lbs of roasts and 3-4lbs of steaks
  • DAD’S BBQ PACK – for $175 you’ll get 5lbs of steaks, 5lbs of ground beef, 5lbs of port chops, 5lbs of sausage and 5lbs of hot dogs.
  • TO THE SMOKER – for $225 you’ll get 5lbs of ground beef, 5lbs of sausage, 3lbs of steaks, 6 to 7lbs of pork butt or beef roasts, 3lbs of brisket and 3lbs of pork belly.

Did you know…

Sandra and Becky are 4th generation farmers and the 2nd generation farming at this location near Johnstown, NY.

The sisters are passionate about supporting the local farming community and are part of the team that organizes the annual Fulton Montgomery County Farm to Table Tour which brings hundreds of new customers to local farms each year!

Dreamroad Farm offers two secluded tent sites to choose from, each with its own unique view and privacy! Whether you are looking for a romantic weekend, a stay-cation or are coming to the area to visit, you will be ecstatic with your own turn key site! Offering you all of the privacy of a camping trip, without all of the work and more of the amenities that you deserve!

How to find Dreamroad Farm Store products

The store is located a 193 LaGrange Road, Johnstown, NY.  The store is open and available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also have a small selection of cuts at Fieldridge Farms and Outdoor Motor Sports.

For daily updates, you can find Dreamroad Farm on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks so much to Sandra and Rebecca for all they do to offer locally produced farm products, baked goods and more made right here the Mohawk Valley!

We love the region’s farms and farm stores and the dedicated families who operate them to produce the best locally grown products to feed and care for our families!

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