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Mohawk Valley Today visits Amsterdam and Fort Plain, NY

Rockn J Flea Market Amsterdam NY (10 of 18)Our visit to Amsterdam, NY, brought us to Rockn J Flea Market

This past week took us first to Amsterdam, NY where we met with Jolene at Rockn J Flea Market on West Main Street. Jolene greeted us with her flair for southern hospitality as we got to explore her flea market filled with antiques and vintage items along with thrifty bargain bags of clothes.  Jolene’s flea market features some of her own items for sale along with vendors’ and neighbors’ items. If you’re headed to Amsterdam, be sure to stop in at Rockn J Flea Market.

We also visited three locally owned businesses in Fort Plain, NY

Highwheeler Coffee | Fort Plain NY | Mohawk Valley Today (9 of 9) Highwheeler Coffee Shop

We’ve been wanting to stop and make a day of it in Fort Plain, NY, and we did just that on Saturday. Our first stop was The Table at Fort Plain where we met Aaron who was wonderfully hospitable and showed us his restaurant where we took pictures, viewed sample menus and talked about The Table. Next, Aaron introduced us to Becca at the Highwheeler Coffee Shop where learned about their coffee and tea products. We decided it was a good time to  take a break at Highwheeler Coffee and had a light lunch along with a chai latte that hit the spot just perfectly.

Fort Plain Antiques and Salvage

After lunch, just a short walk away, we stopped in and met Chris and Julie at Fort Plain Antiques and Salvage where they have 18,000 square feet of antiques, vintage wood and salvage. Folks from all across the Mohawk Valley frequent Fort Plain Antiques and Salvage. It’s known for its wide selection of everything from wood, to furniture, antique door knobs and fixtures, to glassware and home decor. If you’re looking for a particular vintage item, there’s a good chance you’ll find it there. If not, you can add what you’re looking for to their wish list. It was great to meet them and if you love local history and antiques, you need to stop in at Fort Plain Antiques and Salvage.

The Table at Fort Plain | Fort Plain NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Pan roasted duck breast with maple siracha sauce

The Table at Fort Plain

Finally, at the end of the day, we went back to The Table at Fort Plain and enjoyed a truly wonderful meal. You’ll find friendly and experienced staff and the best menu that makes the most of seasonal local produce. This was our first dinner at The Table and we couldn’t help but feel like we were being greeted as if we were old friends. We saw the same warm atmosphere repeated at every table around us. From appetizers, to the main course, and then on to desserts, everything was flavorful and presented perfectly. What an experience! The Table at Fort Plain is a must visit for an outstanding, specially selected, seasonal menu.