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New York’s Thriving Maple Industry

Governor Kathy Hochul encourages New Yorkers to support their local maple producers during Maple Month.

Sugaring Off Sundays Return to The Farmers’ Museum in March

The weekly event begins March 3 and continues each Sunday through March 24 offering maple sugaring demonstrations, activities, and much more.

Homemade Maple Syrup - Mohawk Valley Today

Homemade Maple Syrup

Just the idea of it – Collect sap from trees and turning it into sugar, and also sweet delicious syrup. How did people come up with the idea to make maple syrup?? Making Homemade Maple Syrup in the Mohawk Valley has long history. We are happy to be part of this fascinating and wonderful tradition!

What you need to know before you tap maple trees

With temps in the Mohawk Valley above freezing during the day, and below freezing at night, it’s time to get ready and collect maple sap.

How to identify maple trees to make your own maple syrup

Join us as we talk about the best maple trees for syrup production and how to identify them so that you can make your own maple syrup.

Maple glazed carrots

Holiday Meal Prep with NYS Maple

Along with this time of year comes discovering new recipes to try and add some unique flair to your holiday meal with family and friends.

Mohawk Valley Maple Weekend!

Some of us have been waiting all year for today and now it’s finally here! It’s the Kick-Off for NYS Maple Weekend here in the Mohawk Valley!

Governor Hochul Promotes NYS Maple Industry

New York Maple Syrup Production Reached Record High 845,000 Gallons in 2022; Ranks Second in the Nation

First Make Maple Syrup 2023 v2

How We Make Maple Syrup

Did you know anyone can make maple syrup? Well it’s Maple Syrup Time! And this is how we make maple syrup in the Mohawk Valley!

Is it too soon to make Maple Syrup?

Could this be a good time to get a jump on the local Maple Season in the Mohawk Valley and make maple syrup?

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