Could this be the best year to make Maple Syrup?

The weather conditions continue to be uncooperative when it comes to snow fall this winter. However, it could be a good time to make maple syrup.

NYS Maple Weekend - NYSMPAThere have been early reports some maple producers have already tapped their trees and have begun collecting sap. I recently saw a video of a Vermont farmer tapping his Maple trees to start collecting sap. Could this be a good time to get a jump on the local Maple Season in the Mohawk Valley?

According to the NYS Maple Association

Anyone with an interest, a little knowledge and the proper equipment can try their hand at maple syrup production, assuming they live in a maple syrup-producing region such as the northeastern United States or eastern Canada. Maple syrup is considered one of the oldest natural food products in North America, dating back to the Native Americans.

Why make Maple Syrup now?

The typical Maple Syrup making season in the Mohawk Valley happens in March and into early April. It is during this time of the year when the temperatures generally fluctuate between freezing at night and above freezing during the day. It is these temperature changes that prompt the maple trees to start flowing with sap.

Recent daily temperature changes have been experiencing these same late spring changes. This could indicate it is time to start tapping some Maple trees and try for an early season of making maple syrup. 

Is it too soon to start?

Making Maple Syrup is an early spring time activity. Large scale farms and the backyard hobbyist depend on the cold of winter and the changing of the seasons from Winter to Spring to create the perfect conditions for making Maple Syrup.  The process of making Maple Syrup is easy: you collect the sap of maple trees, then boil the sap down until it becomes Maple Syrup. The concept really is that simple. There are a few other things to know, but at the heart of it, making Maple Syrup is a process of evaporating the water out of the sap until what you are left with is Maple Syrup.

How to get started?

We have always loved Maple Syrup but I never knew how to get started making my own. I found inspiration after a visit to a local sugar house during New York State Maple Weekend event held at Mud Road Sugar House in Ephratah, NY.  After watching and learning from local experts, who started out many years ago just tapping a few trees and giving it a try, I became confident to take some steps to get started making my own maple syrup.

The first obstacle was that up until recently I did not have access to Maple trees in order to collect sap. Now there are plenty Maple trees around the house and so we decided to try to make your own Maple Syrup.

There are a couple of things you can do to get ready to make Maple Syrup yourself

  1. Learn from the Experts: the Visit the Cornell Maple Program  is a tremendous source for beginners. Here you can get free and accurate information to help you learn about making syrup. This was one of the first places we visited online to  learn how to make our own Maple Syrup.
  2. Learn from Local Maple makers: The New York State Maple Producers Association (NYSMPA) is a not-for-profit organization composed of the folks who produce maple syrup and related maple products throughout New York State. Here you can find a state-wide list of local Maple Producers. On their web sight you can find many resource and links to help you find local Maple makers  and learn about the industry. 
  3. Visit during Maple Weekend Mar 18-19 and Mar 25-26, 2023: this is a great way to learn first hand from local Maple producers. When you visit one of the locations during the NYS Maple Weekend you can tour local sugar houses and see first hand how Maple Syrup is made, learn about the entire process and buy local freshly made Maple Syrup! This year NYS Maple Weekend will take place on two weekends beginning March 18-19 2023, and again on March 25-26, 2023. You can visit

Now is the best time to get ready to make Maple Syrup. We always look forward to making our own Maple Syrup! Give it a try!

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