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Self-portrait of Mark Hemendinger

Our Neighborhood Spotlight: Mark Hemendinger

The Clinton Death Café is our local chapter of a global social franchise that seeks to help people make the most of their mortal lives.

Monica Lewis

Our Neighborhood Spotlight: Monica Lewis

More Americans identify as “spiritual” rather than “religious.” Likewise, National Geographic reported that paganism is on the rise.

Mohawk Valley’s Growing Cannabis Industry

Now that cannabis is legal in New York with the industry growing in the Mohawk Valley, it will be increasingly incorporated into daily life.

Spotlight: Natalie Figueroa, the Wedding Singer

Meet Natalie Figueroa! Callers comment on her soothing speaking voice, but little do they know, she also has a beautiful singing voice.

Spotlight: The Ordinary Walter

The_Ordinary_Walter, as credited on his mysterious Instagram and exhibit labels, is a hustling painter that loves and represents the growing Utica art scene.

Youth Basketball at Utica’s Recreation Center

The Rec Center hosts the youth Dick Miller/Mychal Harris basketball league comprised of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from the Utica, New Hartford, Clinton, Notre Dame, CVA, and Whitesboro school districts.

Duane Womack, Astrophotographer

By day, Duane is a Rental Shop Manager at Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting. By night, he stands in his yard in Rome, NY, capturing stills of the beautiful light that remains in the sky.