Black Walnut Cold Stratification Experiments

Black Walnut Trees on our property are such beautiful trees! But the nuts require cold stratification in order to sprout. That means the nuts must go through an extended cold period to start the growing process.

Experimenting with Black Walnuts in the Mohawk Valley

We have been fascinated with Black Walnuts growing around Van Slyke House since we realized what they were. At first we did not know what they were, the dropped fruits were an annual frustration to me when mowing the lawn in autumn. There were so many fruits on the ground it made cutting the grass very difficult.

But one day someone told me what those fruits were and we have been on a journey of discovery ever since!

In order for black walnuts to germinate new trees, they need to go through a process called cold stratification. This basically tells the walnuts when to grow which is after they have gone through a cold period.

As many of you know, Black Walnut trees can provide some of the most sought after hardwood lumber due to it’s rich, dark color and wonderful grain patterns. Black Walnut trees also produce hundreds of Black Walnuts every year that you can harvest and eat – food grown right on your land! Also, Black Walnut trees also can be tapped for its sap and can be evaporated down and made into into Black Walnut Syrup – just like Maple Syrup only with a nice nutty flavor!

So, here is a quick video showing my initial steps attempting to grow our own Black Walnut trees here on our Mohawk Valley farmstead at historic.

Here is the link to the Instagram Reel showing my process for harvesting and preparing Black Walnuts for eating. Enjoy!

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