Locust Trees Too Close For Comfort

Since we moved to the Mohawk Valley we have been working to clear some of the land around the house.

There are a few very tall trees that were just too closer comfort.

We knew our luck was running out and it was time to take care of these hazards so close to the house before winter snow and winds cause a major catastrophe.

Black Locust Trees Too Close for Comfort

With winter weather coming soon, we knew we needed to take care of the biggest threats to our home.

Throughout the autumn season we have been getting prepared for Winter. Since we do get a fair amount of snow each year much of our preparations have been focused out in the yard. It is important to get equipment and tools put away so they can be safe for winter.

We also took a good look around the property to see if there are any hazards nearby that might have an impact due to winter storms with high winds and heavy snow.

There have been a handful of trees pretty close to the house since we moved here and this year is the time to get those taken care of and eliminate these potential hazards before winter.

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