Downtown Survey Seeks Input from Gloversville Businesses

GLOVERSVILLE, NY – The Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist (GDDS) Office at Fulton County Center for Regional Growth (CRG) is asking Gloversville businesses to take a brief online survey.

“The representatives and various BID (Business Improvement District) leaders for downtowns across the state are meeting in person in March in Downtown Syracuse to discuss mutual needs and to form a statewide strategy,” Donovan said. “By filling out this survey, Gloversville businesses will give us an idea of what their needs, strengths, and struggles are compared to other areas in the state.”

The survey is located at

“This meeting is being held in person; however, we do meet monthly in a virtual chat to discuss ideas such as Small Business Saturday campaigns, to compare the implementation of policies, and to discuss topics like the implementation of legalized cannabis and retail shops. While Gloversville is smaller than Syracuse or Albany, we have many of the same issues as the larger cities and those from Western New York and Downstate.”

Statewide meeting coming March 7 in Downtown Syracuse

The statewide meeting is March 7 in Downtown Syracuse at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. A similar meeting was held in March 2023 in Syracuse. Donovan said it is more of a central location for all the downtowns to meet. “The discussion will focus on the needs of downtown businesses and organizations. This survey will only take a few minutes to complete. It’s important to have their input.”

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