Mohawk Valley Featured Farm: Pekin Pond Honey Farm

Once again we are so pleased to share with you another local Mohawk Valley Farm! Pekin Pond Honey Farm located in Ilion, Herkimer County, NY, is a supplier of local raw honey, bees wax and wax products.

About Pekin Pond Honey Farm

Pekin Pond Honey Farm Ilion NY, Image by Pekin Pond Honey FarmPekin Pond Honey Farm is a supplier of local raw honey, bees wax and wax products. Pekin Pond Honey Farm was established initially as a hobby in the spring of 2017. We quickly learned that we could never use all that the honey bees could give us!

In their own words,

We started selling the product to share with locals in the area and we have learned how much that is enjoyed and appreciated. Year after year since, this hobby has continued to grow. We added a small roadside stand, that we quickly out grew as well. We have built a new, bigger, walk-in shed roadside shop.

We sell honey in jars and have also included comb honey, creamed honey in many flavors (plain, chocolate, cinnamon and raspberry/lemon) and chili pepper infused honey. We also have many beeswax items such as lip balms, homemade bees wax candles and bees wax crafters bars–we are always adding new items!

We offer farm fresh eggs from our chickens and produce when it’s in season from our gardens including a variety of herbs, veggies, sweet corn, garlic and many others as they become available.

Pekin Pond Honey Farm Specials

Specials range from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to random specials we’ve run like on Halloween (bring your dressed up ghouls for a free package of honey straws).

We will be running a grand opening of our new honey shop and Father’s Day weekend with $1.00 off any item on Saturday and Sunday. Watch our Facebook page for updates on specials!

Did you know…

Our farm is named after our Pekin (PEE-kin) ducks and pond and all the beautiful farm land around our area.

We start all our veggies from non GMO heirloom seeds and we don’t use any chemical fertilizers- we have plenty of chicken manure and compost all our garden scraps. We source our sweet corn from a local farmer.

Our honey is all raw strained for large bits but not filtered so it contains a lot of pollen granules as well which is good for local allergy sufferers.

Be sure to check out Pekin Pond Family Farm for some local honey and other bee products. They are located at 105 Brewer Road in Ilion, NY.

Thanks so much to Pekin Pond Honey Farm for sharing how they work hard to offer great fresh produce to the Mohawk Valley! We love the region’s farms and the dedicated families who operate them and produce the best locally grown dairy, meats and fresh produce to feed our families.

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Pekin Pond Honey Farm, Image by Pekin Pond Honey Farm

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