Snowy Day Reel

While snowy days can mean clearing snow from driveways, steps and walks. We know winter doesn’t last forever, so we decided to have a little snowy day fun at historic Van Slyke House. Enjoy!

Having A Good Time in the Mohawk Valley

We decided to have a little fun on the recent snowy day here in the Mohawk Valley! Snowy days often bring with them the need to clear driveways, steps and cars.

I try to remember the quiet and revel in the wonder that I had on snowy days as a kid. I remember experiencing how the world around me had changed by the new fallen snow. Traffic on Route 5S and the nearby NYS Thruway have slowed to a crawl with fewer cars on the roads. The creaking of the trees in the winter wind, the sounds of birds singing in winter, and just the beauty of the Mohawk Valley covered in the fresh new fallen snow. Pure magic!

So, please enjoy this very quick reel as I get back to the business of the day and get the driveway cleared here on our Mohawk Valley farmstead!

Here is the link to the Snowy Day Instagram Reel  Enjoy!

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