The Plaid Farm Store open 24/7 Amsterdam, NY, image by The Plaid Farm Store

The Plaid Farm Store is open 24/7 Amsterdam, NY, image by The Plaid Farm Store.

Mohawk Valley Farm Stores

Buying fresh local produce is closer than you think! 

Did you know the Mohawk Valley is one of the best places to get farm to table, locally grown food in the country? Yes a bold statement! But if you live in the Mohawk Valley you are likely within a 20-minute drive to a local Farm Store. 

Augur-Doody Farm, Photo provided by Augur-Doody Farm

Augur-Doody Farm, Photo provided by Augur-Doody Farm

According to the the 2022 USDA Census of Agriculture there are over 3,000 farms in the Mohawk Valley: 

  • Oneida County – over 800 farms 
  • Otsego County – over 800 farms 
  • Herkimer County – over 500 farms 
  • Montgomery County – over 500 farms
  • Schoharie County over 500 farms 
  • Fulton – over 200 farms 

What is a Farm Store? 

 A Farm Store is exactly what you might think–a convenient local grocery store, typically right on the farm, that sells products grown on that specific farm, as well as other farm products made by other local producers. When you visit a farm store you can find a variety of items from farm fresh eggs, meats, baked goods, ice cream, and dairy products from local farms. The variety of items available at local farm stores continue to grow as these farm stores become more popular. And perhaps most important, you are helping both yourself and local farms when you buy. directly from the farmer!

What do farmers say?

Amy Doody from Augur-Doody Farm says,  

We have an on-farm stand open year-round everyday 8-8. We sell our own farm raised meats which is pastured poultry including all cuts, breasts, wings, thighs, drumsticks, wholes and half’s. We raise and sell beef cuts-roasts, steaks, ground beef and lamb from our kids 4H projects. We also sell eggs and Dygert dairy milk. We are a small family farm where we milk 40 dairy Cows, raise beef, chicken and lamb. Having an on farm farm-stand has helped as well as being open all the time. We grow our own feed for our animals and decided to diversify to continue to farm by supplying local products to our community as well as educate the community on where their food comes from! Know your farmer, love your food!  

Having an on-farm farmstand has helped as well being open all the time. We also provide wholesale to other farm stands like ours as well as local stores that stock our meats in surrounding areas Milford, Unadilla, Cherry Valley, Springfield Center and Cooperstown!  

Where is the closest Farm Store to me? 

Augur-Doody Farm, Photo provided by Augur-Doody Farm

Augur-Doody Farm, Photo provided by Augur-Doody Farm

So, finding a farm store near you is a lot easier than you might think. To make it simple, we have included a  list which includes farms stores for each county in the Mohawk Valley so you can find a local farm store near you:

Local farmers offer the best produce to feed local families

You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by the number of farms offering local produce in all six counties of the Mohawk Valley. Each of the links provided is maintained by organizations that want to make it easy for residents and visitors to connect with local farms and purchase the finest produce. When you do find a local farm store near you, please be sure to call ahead and check opening hours and product availability prior to visiting. 

All of the farm stores we’ve visited have provided us with the best produce options at really good prices. There’s a certain amount of satisfaction knowing the food we consume is provided by farms that are our neighbors. It’s a Mohawk Valley tradition that began more than 300 years ago and thankfully continues to this day. 

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