Cycle the Erie Canal enters second half as 750 riders leave Syracuse

Register for this year’s Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour

Create your own New York State adventure in 2024!

This year’s bike tour is from July 7-14, 2024, and takes you along the 400-mile Erie Canalway Trail where you can visit historic sites, experience the cities, towns and villages along the trail, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Mohawk Valley. Craft your own New York State adventure along the Erie Canalway and register today.

The Erie Canalway Trail is a cycling destination for riders of all abilities. Following one of the world’s most famous man-made waterways, it spans New York State between Albany and Buffalo. Whether enjoying a leisurely ride from one village to another or spending a week completing the entire 400 miles, the Erie Canalway Trail offers endless adventures exploring the charming towns, living history, scenic beauty and cultural attractions of New York State.

– Parks and Trails New York

Typically riders cover about 50 miles a day on mostly flat terrain. Participants can expect about 85% of the ride to be ridden on the Canalway Trail, with  remainder on public roadways with good shoulders.

Volunteer opportunities available

Both riders and non-riding participants can volunteer to help out during the ride. Volunteers who commit to the entire tour ride for free. Time commitments are detailed with each job description. There are many volunteer possibilities available, including SAG and luggage truck drivers, rest stop help, route marking and more! (

The full route follows the nation-building Erie Canal with adventurers passing the canal’s locks and aqueducts while winding through the Mohawk Valley’s historic villages and rural farmlands. Learn more the route using the interactive map available online.

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