If you’ve missed winter activities, now’s the time to enjoy them.

While Buffalo was inundated with snow in December, the Mohawk Valley hasn’t seen much of it this winter. For those of us that love strapping on some snowshoes or cross country skis, the season has been rather wet and little in the way of snow for much loved winter activities. Now’s the time to enjoy the outdoors here in the valley.

The Mohawk Valley’s four seasons are spectacular and we still have time for winter fun.

If you can, get out and enjoy the winter season. All along the valley and in the higher elevations snow fall ranges from a few inches to almost a foot. Yes, it’s a Monday, and yes, there may be shoveling to do. But, this blanket of snow brightens the entire region making it look picture perfect no matter where you look. So, strap on some skis, go for a hike, or jump on that snowmobile. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Here is last year’s Snow Day video

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