Mohawk Valley Through the Lens Exhibit at Herkimer College | Mohawk Valley Today

This week has been all about the arts

What a great week we’ve had appreciating the art and talent throughout the Mohawk Valley.

Mohawk Valley Through The Lens

Mohawk Valley Through The Lens Opening had its opening reception in the Cogar Gallery at Herkimer College. It was wonderful to meet Gabe, Cliff and Todd. All of the artists have a talent for capturing the beauty of the Mohawk Valley in their own unique way, showing us all how fortunate we are to be in this place we call home!

Mohawk Valley Through The Lens at the Cogar Gallery, Herkimer College
Oscar Stivala Evolving Exhibit Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts | Mohawk Valley Today

Oscar Stivala’s “Evolving”

In Little Falls, Oscar Stivala’s “Evolving” opened a gallery exhibit at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts. As a local artist, he works in a variety of media including acrylics, mixed media, wood, and more. There’s so much that we loved about Stivala’s work including the wonderfully creative use of media and color. What a treat!

Mohawk Valley at Canajoharie by Edward Gay 1876, Oil on Canvas (Detail) Arkell Museum Canajoharie NY | Mohawk Valley Today

Arkell Museum

On Thursday, we visited the Arkell Museum which was a perfect way to slow down on an otherwise busy day. The Arkell Museum‘s galleries are home to a wonderful collection including John Singer Sargent, Windslow Homer, Edward Gay, Edmund Tarbell, and so much more.