Mohawk Valley Garlic Festival • Photo by Sarah Rogers

Mohawk Valley Today works hard to help communities and organizations

Mohawk Valley Today works with area municipalities, organizations and communities in a number of ways to get the word about what’s happening in the Mohawk Valley.

Connecting with local governments, Mohawk Valley Today helps to disseminate important information to residents, new and old, such as public notices, community initiatives, and updates on services. Cities, towns and villages, are also encouraged to share information about what makes them unique like their area attractions, historical sites, and cultural events. These often hidden gems bring in visitors, support local businesses and contribute to the local economy.

Municipality listings

Mohawk Valley Today also offers municipality listings and would love to add more village and town listings to each of the six counties in the region. Recently, a mayor connected with us asking what would it take for their village to be included on Mohawk Valley Today. Our answer was simple. Let’s get you on here! After a few conversations and some photos, we added the village which was very much a win-win situation. Simply put, connecting with someone in local government ensures we tell the story the community wants told. These pages have basic information about the city, town or village, and includes any events we receive for the locations. Additionally, all pages include links to local government websites so that visitors can go straight to the source.

Organizations and community groups

Nonprofit organizations and community groups can leverage the website to share their mission, events, and volunteer opportunities, reaching a broader audience to attract more support for important causes. Events are added to the website regularly, but many organizations are unaware that Mohawk Valley Today also publishes feature articles describing what organizations do, and why they do what they do. This offers a great way for people to get to know more about area groups and nonprofits that contribute so much to the region.

Bee demonstration by Sleepy Bear Apiary at the Mohawk Valley Garlic Festival by Sarah Rogers

It’s all about community

We see the Mohawk Valley as wonderful region made of up of many vibrant, unique communities with stories to tell. Mohawk Valley Today works hard to share events and resources, to help people get involved and stay connected to what’s happening throughout the region. Each week, we highlight and share events on our website, Instagram and Facebook through reels, posts and stories. Be sure to tag us!

Mohawk Valley Today serves as a powerful tool for municipalities, organizations, and communities by providing a platform for information sharing, event promotion, economic development, and showcasing the region’s cultural richness. So be sure to

Mohawk Valley Garlic Festival by Sarah Rogers

Horse and carriage rides at the Mohawk Valley Garlic Festival by Sarah Rogers

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