2023 Community Event Grants Application Otsego County

Otsego County is offering 2023 Community Event Grants for eligible organizations located in Otsego County, NY. This year’s maximum grant award is $2,500.

Eligibility criteria: Organization sponsor and event must be located in Otsego County.

Application Link:  2023 Community Event Grant Application

Community Event Grants are NOT available for the following:

  • Capital expenditures
  • Promotional items to be used for resale
  • Travel & food
  • Operating expenses of facilities or organization sponsors
  • Conference or education costs
  • Staff, administrative or operating costs of the organization

Application Procedure:

Apply online by March 5th and explain your event in detail. If this is a new event, please describe the market segment you are trying to attract. Please give a detailed outline of the budget and use of grant awards in the following questions.

Grantee Responsibilities:

All advertising and promotional materials created for the event must state that the event is paid for in part by a grant from Otsego County Government.

Brochures and information regarding other Otsego County venues and events must be made available at events.

If the event is canceled for any reason other than weather, the grantee must return the grant money.

Submission of Final Report

Grant recipients who don’t provide a final report will be ineligible for the next year’s grant program.

All grant recipients must submit the following within 90 days of the event through an online report form:

  • A summary narrative detailing how the grant assisted in promoting the event.
  • Include any information you can gather regarding where the audience came from.

Submit by mail or scan and email copy of all promotional ads or materials placed with grant funds.

All applicants must assign one primary contact for the grant. The application must be filled out completely & submitted using the online application

Questions may be directed to:

Allan Barnes, Assistant to County Administrator: 607-547-7501 or barnesal@otsegocounty.com

Applications may be submitted to the Otsego County Board – IGA Committee no later than 11:59 p.m. on MARCH 5, 2023.

Awards Will Be Approved at The April 5th County Board Meeting.

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