EOS/ESD Association Inc. Releases ESD and Latch-up Challenges – An Outlook until 2030

ROME, NY USA – The EOS/ESD Association, Inc. (ESDA) announces the release of ESD and Latch-up Challenges – An Outlook until 2030, a white paper focused on four essential areas to enable the technical advances of the coming years.

EOS/ESD Association, Inc. provides a vision and roadmap for research and development (R&D) and education in the field of ESD and latch-up.

The document guides academic institutions and research centers toward the relevant topics in ESD and latch-up. The white paper further provides a framework and the background for successful applications for R&D funding by academic institutions. Each topic is introduced together with the individual research challenges that need to be solved in the coming years to advance the knowledge in ESD and latch-up.

The European Union (EU) commission and the United States (US) government are stimulating their home-grown semiconductor manufacturing capabilities and capacities. For this effort, they strongly support the expansion of European and American semiconductor manufacturing, including constructing new semiconductor production facilities in the EU member countries and the US.

The White Paper identifies research challenges, provides an industry outlook, and establishes collaborations across industry and academia in the field of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and latch-up. In support of digitalization and decarbonization in a transforming worldwide economy, the white paper addresses essential areas necessary for these critical technical advances.

Executive Director Lisa Pimpinella of EOS/ESD Association, Inc. said, “The EOS/ESD Association, Inc. is the independent association with the technical expertise to provide the roadmap for research and development (R&D) and education in electrostatic discharge (ESD) and latch-up. We support academia in their funding efforts as they define proposals addressing the topics named in this White Paper. As an association that combines representatives from all of the major semiconductor companies in the world, we want to highlight the criticality of research, development, education, and funding to ensure electrostatic discharge is recognized and the major thrust behind reliability.”

The White Paper consists of four focus areas essential for technological advances of the future. Advances in CMOS technologies, applications of new materials such as III/V compound semiconductors, Electrical Design Automation (EDA), and an outlook on challenges in ESD manufacturing control and testing.

EOS/ESD Association, Inc., founded and located in Rome, NY, in 1982, focuses on providing electrostatic discharge awareness, education, controls, and prevention.

Details of the White Paper can be found at https://www.esda.org/store/white-papers/product/379/eosesd-association-inc-white-paper-esd-and-latch-up-challenges-an-outlook-until-2030. For more information please refer to www.esda.org, or contact Lisa Pimpinella, Executive Director via e-mail at lpimpinella@esda.org, or call (315) 339-6937.

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