Mohawk Valley Featured Farm: Appleridge Farm

Appleridge Farm, Fonda, NY, Image provided by Appleridge FarmWe love Mohawk Valley farms and how they offer the best locally grown produce. Not only do our local farmers and growers offer their produce at Farmers’ Markets, many of them have their own farm stands and stores. This makes it easy for all of us to buy the best locally grown products available. This week’s featured Mohawk Valley farm is Appleridge Farm!

In their words…

 Appleridge Farm is a first generation dairy farm and beef operation.  We strive to provide our community with not only access to what we raise, but products from other local farms and entrepreneurs as well.  Dairy farming is our passion, and we’re so happy that our store gives us a platform to share that love with our customers.

Appleridge Farm Specials

Appleridge Farm, Fonda, NY, Image provided by Appleridge FarmOur beef! Our beef is all born and raised here. Our pasture raised and grain finished steers provide some of the best tasting and nutritious meat around! In our store you can find ground beef, roasts, and mouth watering steaks!

Did you know??

Appleridge Farm is now owned by a great farming family that moved to the Mohawk Valley from New Jersey! They moved to Fonda in 2016 when they purchased Appleridge Farm.

Appleridge Farm raises all registered Holsteins! “You can find us every year at Fonda Fair with our string of show cows.”

This Mohawk Valley family farm loves ag education! “Our Facebook page not only promotes the store, but also provides education about the dairy industry, and our everyday farm life!”

Thank you Appleridge Farm!

We’d like to say a huge “Thank you” to Appleridge Farm for sharing information about their farm and what they offer! We’re always on the lookout to learn more about local farms and the families who operate them. The Mohawk Valley’s farms work hard to produce locally grown dairy, meats and fresh produce for us all to enjoy.

Be sure to keep on the look out for more Mohawk Valley Farms and Farm Stores to be highlighted!

Appleridge Farm, Fonda, NY, Image provided by Appleridge Farm

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