New York State Fire Danger Map for November 3-4, 2022

Fire Danger For The Mohawk Valley

With the pleasant fall temps, Mohawk Valley residents are sure to be enjoying time outdoors with friends and family. Many hours spent around small campfires, fire pits with family and friends help build great memories to last a life time. But the season temps and an abundance of dry leaves on the ground should bring fire safety to all our minds.

On November 1st, the website reminded us about Fire Danger in NY State.

The seasonably warm and dry weather conditions combined with dry autumn leaves on the ground across New York state has contributed to recent wildfires in the mohawk Valley.


Photos of the Fort Ann fires provided by DEC.

According to NY Almanac report,

“New York State Forest Rangers joined local firefighters from multiple fire companies to fight numerous wildfires in New York State on Sunday as careless campfires and debris burning combined with dry conditions. About 40 acres were burned in three locations in Washington, Fulton and Herkimer Counties.”

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation Fire Danger Warning Map, the current Fire Danger Rating across the state is “MODERATE.” This Fire Danger Rating is defined as, 

“Fires can start from most accidental causes but, with the exception of lightning fires in some areas, the number of starts is generally low. Fires in open cured grasslands will burn briskly and spread rapidly on windy days. Timber fires spread slowly to moderately fast. The average fire is of moderate intensity, although heavy concentrations of fuel, especially draped fuel, may burn hot. Short-distance spotting may occur, but is not persistent. Fires are not likely to become serious and control is relatively easy.” (NYS Department of Environmental Conservation)

We are grateful for the dedication and service of the many volunteer, town, village and city fire departments across that state as well as the NYS Forest Rangers who help keep us safe and protect forests and public places to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Be safe out there!

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