Indian Castle Cemetery

Prismatic Ooze, acrylic resin, mica powder, alcohol ink, glass and shells

Ghosts in the Mohawk Valley

October is here and the familiar signs of Autumn are underway. The leaves on the trees continue to change color, fall harvests are complete or have finished for the year, and Halloween fun is closer than you think! Time for Ghosting Hunting in the Mohawk Valley!

Ghost hunting traditions

When the kids were teenagers they loved to binge watch any show that had to do with Ghost Hunting. As good indulgent parents, we supported the kids’ interests, so we all binged together. To add to the theme we’d turn off all the lights in the house and watch late into the night. Sometimes we’d project the shows onto a wall in the living room so the “screen” was huge. This added to the feeling we were right there with the investigators as they wandered around in creepy dark places encouraging spirits to contact them.  It was all good fun…until someone got scared. ;o)

I don’t mean that we got scared from what was on TV. After watching many hours of these programs we began to take great pleasure in finding creative ways to scare each other. Fun times indeed!

Scary Dad

During a commercial break, when one of us went to the bathroom, someone would find a dark corner to jump out from as the person exited the bathroom just after they turned off the light. AHHH!! SCREAM!!, Hahaha! – all very funny!

My personal favorite as a parent was when my kids worked as servers at restaurants. They would sometimes come home late after closing. This was prime opportunity to ensure lights were all off in the house, and I could hide behind their bedroom door as they came home from a late shift. 

I would stay up late and wait until I heard them pull into the driveway, and sneak across the house to be by their room. Hiding behind a door I could hear the front door open and close, the confident footsteps across the house, the fridge door opened and closed as they grabbed a drink, and then the soft footsteps across the carpet as they approached.

I just needed to wait for them to walk close enough but before they turned on the light. All I ever had to do was just say, “Hello” in the deepest voice I could muster. SHREEEEEEK !!! Hahaha – very funny. This one always delivered!

Rest assured, any scare tactic we parents employed, has been returned back to us by a factor of 10! All good fun and to this day we all remain fair game.

Visit for information about ghost tours and more at historic sites happening during October.

You can find all the spooky events for October at Mohawk Valley Today Events!

Ghosts in the Mohawk Valley

So in keeping with this theme of ghost hunting, frights and the paranormal, it is our pleasure to share with you upcoming Ghost inspired events coming to the Mohawk Valley ion October. There is a mix of both educational presentations as well as opportunities for you to join in hands-on interactive experiences.

Investigating History with Agent Paranormal

Date: October 8, 2022
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Herkimer County Historical Society, 406 N. Main Street, Herkimer, NY
Organizer: Herkimer County Historical Society
Phone: (315) 866-6413

Herkimer County Historical Society presents Investigating History with Agent Paranormal on October 8th, 2022 beginning at 6:30pm for VIPs and 9:00pm for Investigators. It’s the perfect time to be investigating the paranormal in Herkimer County and the Herkimer County Historical Society has put together the perfect evening for doing just that! On October 8th Investigators and VIPs have opportunities to investigate the haunting at the Historic Herkimer Jail. VIPs get an absolutely fantastic opportunity to not only investigate the Herkimer Jail, but also the Herkimer County Historical Society from 9:00pm until midnight. VIP treatment also includes refreshments at 6:30pm with a lecture by Agent Paranormal followed by Q&A from 7-8:30pm. Ticket sales are limited so contact them today before it’s too late!

Six Nights of Ghost Tours in October at The Farmers’ Museum

Location: 5775 STATE HIGHWAY 80 (P.O.BOX 800) COOPERSTOWN, NY 13326
Organizer: The Farmers’ Museum
Phone: 607-547-1450
Farmers Museum | October

During the most haunting time of the year, dare to experience Things That Go Bump in the Night Ghost Tours at The Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown on Friday and Saturday evenings: October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, and 29. Join an eerie lantern-lit tour of the shadowy museum grounds. Hear your guide recount the many mysteries and ghostly happenings that have occurred in the 19th-century historic village, as in the tale of a young ghost who roams the rooms of Bump Tavern or the mysterious early morning strikes on the anvil in the Blacksmith Shop. During each tour, be prepared to hold your breath as Michael Henrici brings Edgar Allan Poe’s classic “The Tell-Tale Heart” to life. Tours run every half-hour from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

October Art in the Dark Tours at the Fenimore Art Museum

Location: Fenimore Art Museum, 5798 State Highway 80 (P.O.BOX 800) Cooperstown, NY 13326
Organizer: Fenimore Art Museum
Phone: 607-547-1400
Fenimore Art Museum | October

Cooperstown, New York—See Fenimore Art Museum’s collections in a way never experienced before–in the dark–with its Art in the Dark tours. Join museum guides as they lead you through the galleries of American folk art and fine art by lantern light, stopping along the way to share some of the mysterious, melancholy, and untold stories within the artworks. Discover hidden secrets within the paintings with the help of a special ultraviolet light. The 45-minute tours are offered three times per night. Tours take place on Wednesday and Thursday evenings: October 19, 20, 26, 27 at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. Reservations are required. Tickets: $13.50 Members, $16.00 Non-Members. To purchase tickets, visit or go directly to

Cemetery Stroll with the Souls

 Date: October 14, 2022Schoharie Middleburg Cemetary Walk 2022
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Middleburgh Cemetery, Middleburgh, NY
Phone: 518-827-7200
Cost / Tickets: $23.03 got to Eventbrite
Enjoy a guided evening stroll through the historic town cemetery settled over 300 years ago with stories of fallen soldiers, settlers and town’s folk as the lands were bitterly fought over for power. The Middleburgh Cemetery holds these and many other souls including the family of Dr. Best. As Breadbasket of the Revolutionary War, our history is peppered with tales of Revolutionary War heroes including Timothy Murphy whose bones lie at rest on these grounds.

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