Time to Prep for Winter

Along with the inevitable changing of the seasons there are certain tasks, chores, and activities tied to each seasonal change.

When winter is close at hand, being prepared and knowing how you will deal with snow removal helps make life easier when the first Snowy Day arrives.

Depending on how big an area you have that will need snow removed will help determine which tools would be most helpful.

It appears Winter is about to arrive.

What is a Box-Blade and what is it used for?

A box blade is an attachment that is pulled behind a tractor to level, grade and move dirt, gravel and other material.

Box Blade helping Prep for Winter

As the name implies, this attachment is shaped like a “box with three sides. At the front, typically there several heavy tines, or forks at the front, that when lowered helps to break up existing soil when pulling the box blade.

The box blade is a very versatile implant that can be pulled forward and pushed backward to move material where you need it.

Box blade rearview

For winter the box blade can be a  very useful and versatile tool for moving snow!

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