Red Fox sighting

Public Safety Advisory: Red Fox Sighting and Incidents in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, [May 31, 2024] – The fox involved in recent biting incidents near Kopernick Blvd, Church Street and VanderVeer Ave. has tested positive for rabies, as confirmed by the NYS Wadsworth Laboratory.

The three victims, who were engaged in normal daily activities outdoors and did not provoke or taunt the male fox, are currently receiving appropriate medical treatment.

This confirmation highlights the critical need for public awareness about the risks of rabies and the importance of seeking immediate medical attention if bitten by any wildlife. Residents are reminded to avoid approaching wild animals, particularly those that appear injured or act unusually.

If you observe wildlife behaving strangely, please call 911 immediately.

Public safety remains a priority, and community cooperation is essential in preventing further incidents.

For more information, please contact the Montgomery County Public Health at 518-853-3531.

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