Unveiling the Hidden Treasures of Second-Hand Shopping in the Mohawk Valley (Part 1)

by Claire Steffen

In a world driven by fast fashion and fleeting trends, there’s a growing movement that embraces the charm of the past and the sustainability of the present.

Second-hand shopping, once mostly associated with budget constraints or nostalgia, has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a trend that not only keeps in mind our economic considerations but also serves environmental consciousness. As we look deeper into it as consumers, we become increasingly aware of the ecological impact of our choices and the potential draw towards pre-loved treasures.

The Mohawk Valley is full of a variety of second shops, thrift stores or charity shops, and vintage or antique malls! Each place carries with it a different esthetic, price point, and piles of treasures waiting to be found! Recently, while traveling around the Mohawk Valley, I stopped in at a handful of these shops in order to give a well rounded review and show off some of the unique and beautiful finds to share with you!

Come with me and step into a realm where every garment tells a story, where the thrill of discovery rivals the latest runway releases, and where sustainable style meets individual expression.

In this exploration into the joy and resourcefulness of thrifting, we’ll navigate the world of second-hand shopping, uncovering the unique appeal that draws individuals from all walks of life to these treasure troves of fashion and nostalgia. Join me over the next few weeks as I share each one of the shops I stopped at as well as some pictures of the finds!

First up,  the Mohawk Antiques Mall!

Claire’s jean jacket find at the Mohawk Antiques Mall.

Claire’s jean jacket find at the Mohawk Antiques Mall.

While it is not considered a “thrift” shop, it does house rows and rows a wonderful pre-loved treasures. During my time in the mall, I saw individually curated booths and sections, some tailored towards specific interests and others holding a wide variety of goods from clothes, to home goods, to antiques, and more. I was on the hunt for secondhand clothing, and while I did also find other trinkets, the clothing I found was awesome! As an avid cat lover I was tickled pink to find an amazing vintage Tyca Jean Jacket complete with the imprint of a large cat adorning the back! What. A. Find. I learned a lesson with this prize–always check the back of jackets! I almost passed it by without a second glance and am so glad I didn’t. Remember to dig and look pieces over front and back! Take a look at some pictures of the jacket both with my cat lookalike as well as other pictures taken while walking around!

Over all, the Mohawk Antiques Mall, with two floors and thousands of square feet of goods, there truly is something for everyone! A wide variety of prices and interests of clothes and other goods also boosted it’s availability to more people in the Mohawk Valley. It’s easily accessible and has wide aisles between each booth. Some booths would not be accessible to everyone due to how filled they are or are not. I highly recommend a stop in to see what you can find!

Check back to see what I found at the other locations I visited.

Mohawk Antiques Mall

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