Early Spring in the Mohawk Valley

Looking Ahead – Spring in the Mohawk Valley

Looking ahead to Spring, we dwell on thoughts of being outside more, gardening, and getting out and about in the Mohawk Valley. Spring, which officially began on March 21st—seems a bit slow to arrive. The snow has already melted, the ground is softened, and yet, there are snow flurries across the Mohawk Valley today.

Hand Shucking Husks tractor

Harvesting Black Walnuts in the Mohawk Valley

This reel shows you how we collected, husked, cleaned, dried, opened and baked what we harvested. We had a great time and really love the flavor of the walnuts we collected!

Are we farmers now – we got a Tractor!

For our first few years here on the Mohawk Valley homestead we worked to clear some of the land around the house. But progress was slow. Everything was manual labor – lift and carry.

Mohawk Valley History and Tourism

Explore Mohawk Valley History through its museums and historical societies.

Mohawk River | Mohawk Valley Today

Improving how we list Mohawk Valley events and businesses

Beginning in January, we’ve been working on updating and upgrading the Mohawk Valley Today website. We felt this was necessary because we had issues entering and managing Mohawk Valley events, which are a big part of our site. We needed to make changes and knew it would take some time to find the right tools, and refine our processes. With the recent changes, we think we’re well on our way to improving how both events and businesses are listed.

Some things you might notice:

  • Improved search features with maps
  • Improved event sorting by dates and locations
  • Quick view feature for all business listings
  • Listed businesses can now be tied to events and included as event hosts

Some improvements that help us are:

  • Easier to add the locally owned businesses
  • Easier to add and update events
  • A lot of flexibility to expand features on all listings
  • Has the ability to add features for the future like simple listings for garage and yard sales, along with items for sale
  • Future additions could include rental listings

New town, village and city pages coming soon!

We will be continuing work on the addition of new pages for Mohawk Valley towns and villages. One thing that will help us to increase coverage is for folks to recommend locally owned business and events. Just contact us to let us know about businesses and events in the Mohawk Valley.

Mohawk Valley Today gets some upgrades

When we started Mohawk Valley Today less than a year ago, we didn’t realize how much fun we would have traveling up and down the valley meeting local business owners. Every time we venture out, we meet great locally owned businesses in villages and towns throughout the valley. The thing of it is, we might not have heard of some of our now favorite businesses if we didn’t talk with folks about places they recommend. So now, we’re hooked.

Because we really do love the Mohawk Valley and all that it has to offer, we decided it was time to take things up a notch with our online directory at Mohawk Valley Today.

This past summer, we upgraded our server as well as the software that powers our website to deliver content faster on both mobile devices and desktops. All of these upgrades took some time and it was time well spent.

Our new online directory now features:

  • Easy-to-use search forms that deliver results based on the users’ location.
  • More ways to highlight destinations and businesses.
  • Information that shows when a business is open along with when they’re opening or closing.
  • Nicer layouts for business pages complete with directions, contact information, and hours.
  • Improved search engine optimization to help people find listings when searching on Google, and so much more.

Everything we’ve been working on focuses on presenting site visitors with local business information in a way that highlights all of the great things local business owners are doing in the Mohawk Valley.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Mohawk Valley Today, please let us know.

Thanks so much!

Ginny and Jim