Folks throughout the Mohawk Valley make things happen

Whether you’re in the mood for a community get together, craft night, or film festival, there are folks behind the scenes making these area events happen. Teams of people hard at work every day to put together fun events in communities throughout the Mohawk Valley. Why do they do what they do? It’s all about you!

Recently, we went to a fun event at the Herkimer County Historical Society. Not only did we have a blast, we met the Assistant Director, Peg Warner, who made us feel so welcome and shared  lots of interesting details about Herkimer history that were complete surprises. Honestly, we could have listened to her all night.

This is what we find at events throughout the Mohawk Valley. The folks behind the scenes are making things happen for people like you to bring people together and have fun.

Mohawk Valley Events support local communities

Many local events are organized by or in support of nonprofit organizations. These events may raise funds for schools, local organizations, or charities, that goes back into local our communities. Participating in these local events can really make a meaningful difference in our own communities.

Supporting area events supports local businesses. By attending events like farmers’ markets, craft fairs, or restaurant weeks, we’re all directly supporting local businesses like farmers, suppliers, restaurants, retailers.

So get out there! Find and enjoy events in your community. Learn more about the organizers behind the events. If you find something that we need to share, be sure to let us know!

Herkimer County Historical Society Upcoming Events

The Herkimer County Historical Society discovers, collects, preserves and publishes the history, historical records and data of and relating to the portion of the State of New York formerly known as Tryon and later Herkimer County.

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