Boonville Hosts NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days

The NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days is coming back to Boonville beginning August 18 and runs through August 20, 2023! This will be the 76th Annual Field Days ahead at the Boonville-Oneida County Fairgrounds.

What is the NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days?

The NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days is an important event in the annual lumberjack/lumberjill competitions. Athletes from across the globe travel to Boonville to compete and qualify for additional competitions that lead to the lumberjack/lumberjill world championships. So if someone is looking to rise in the ranks of this very competitive sport, they will be competing in Boonville at the NYS Woodsmen’sField Days.

Photo by NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days

Photo by NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days

Beyond the competitions, the Woodsmen’s Field Days is a community-wide event that brings together a variety of things to see and do. Some of the activities during this week include farmers markets, wine tastings, craft fairs, hundreds of vendors, along with a Parade, and of course, a spectacular fireworks show.

Why is the Woodsmen’s Field Days held in Boonville?

The first Field Days was organized by Rev. Frank Reed in 1948 in Old Forge. Rev. Reed was a local pastor from the early 1900’s who ministered to the men in the logging camps of the Adirondacks. Was known to the lumberjacks as a “Sky Pilot,” and founded the field days as a way to honor the lumberjacks, recognizing the important work they do, and to bring them together in friendly competition.  

You can find more about Sky Pilots of the Adirondacks at Mohawk Valley Museums

Overwhelming Success

After the success of the first year with over 1,300 visitors and participants, the field days was moved to Tupper Lake. It was held there for the next 13 years. In 1962, the Woodsmen’s Field Days was moved to Boonville due to the excellent venue of the Boonville-Oneida County Fairgrounds for such a large and ever-growing event.

Over the years, through the help and support of volunteers, the field days has grown and evolved into one of the most important lumberjack competitions in the U.S.

Photo by NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days

Photo by NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days

What to Expect

The fun and excitement begins on Thursday, August 17, with complimentary wine tastings, local farmers markets, preview of auction items and free concert by Phil Acuri.

On August 18 the fields days officially begin with the fairgrounds open at 8:00am. The Auction preview continues along with the Free wine tastings. Demonstrations include Draft horse exhibitions, The NYS Game of logging Championsships, craft fairs and more. The Boonville Community Harvest Farmers Market, Roast Beef Dinner and the annual 10K race takes place also takes place on this day

And it would not be a Woodsmens Field Days without crowd favorites like the Beard Completion, Tug of War and the Greased Pole Climb!

The next two days, August 19 and 20, are jam-packed with a variety lumberjack/lumberjill, and junior competition events that continue to draw big crowds and inspire those cheering for their favorite competitors.

2023 Woodmen’s Field Days Schedule, Photo by NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days

Photo by NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days

Competition Events

The center of the field days are the lumberjack and lumberjill competitions that run through Saturday and Sunday. Competitors will participate in a series of events demonstrating their skills. The top five finishers in each competition receives points for how well they did. The overall winners of the Woodsmen’s Field Days be the ones with the most points. Competition events include,

  • Log rolling
  • Cross Cut Sawing
  • Jack & Jill Crosscut Sawing
  • Bow Sawing
  • Chainsaw open events
  • Standing block chop
  • Tree Felling
  • And Ax throwing!

These competitive events are fun, fast and exciting and you’ll not want to miss a single minute! The NYS Woodmen’s Field Days is always a fun time with lots to see and do. We are looking forward to heading to Boonville and hope to see you there!

Flier created by the NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days

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