This Week’s Area Blood Drives

Donate Blood in Mohawk on November 14 and Herkimer on November 16

Mohawk’s Blood Drive comes up first on November 14 from 1:30pm-5:30pm and will be held at  the Parish Hall on 71 East Main Street in Mohawk. Thursday, November 16, there will be two Blood Drives in Herkimer with one at Herkimer College’s Alumni Hall from 10:30am-3:30pm and another at the Frank J Basloe Library from 11:30am-4:00pm. Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the film Elf and make giving blood a holiday tradition and receive an exclusive pair of Elf & Red Cross socks! Hurry, limited supply!

Community blood drives provide a life line to those in need

Community blood drives make it easy to donate blood and are life line to those in need. All types are needed with a high need for Type O blood. Organizers do everything they can to make donating blood easy and comfortable. All you need to do is schedule a time to give at a location near you. These easy steps will help the process:

  1. Schedule a time to donate by using the links for each location
  2. Eat iron-rich foods.
  3. Be well rested and hydrated.

Be sure to bring a photo id along with a list of medications. All donors will receive a free health screening where your blood pressure, hemoglobin and pulse will be checked.

Take a look at the details for these upcoming blood drives below

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