Harvest time means fresh produce from Mohawk Valley farms

One of the many perks of living in the valley is easy access to locally grown food products. Throughout the year you can easily get produce from Mohawk Valley farms at farmers’ markets, farm stores and food co-ops. These often offer local products including cheese, produce, meat, dairy and baked goods.

The awesome thing is that our local agriculture’s produce is good for you, good for local farmers and good for the Mohawk Valley. Many cities, towns and villages in the region offer local produce like the Community Co-op in Little Falls and T&J Fruits and Vegetable in Herkimer, along with seasonal regional events featuring local growers like the Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival. There really are a lot of ways to access locally grown food here in our six-county region and here are just a few ideas to help get you started.

Local Food Co-ops

A local food co-op is just like a grocery store but it is owned by folks in the community (and by you, if you choose). Unlike corporate brand grocery stores, food co-ops are totally independent and owned by the community members who shop there.

Here are a few of the food co-ops in the Mohawk Valley

  1. Mohawk Harvest Community Market in Gloversville, NY. Visit their website at https://mohawkharvest.org
  2. Plain Food Co-op, Fort Plain, NY. Visit them on Facebook.
  3. Community Co-op, Little Falls, NY. Visit them on Facebook.
  4. Richfield Springs Co-op, Richfield Springs, NY. Visit them on Facebook.
  5. 4 Corners Food Co-operative, Waterville, NY https://www.4cornersfoodcoop.com

Local Farmers Markets

With the abundance of agriculture in the Mohawk Valley there are also many farmers markets spread out across the Mohawk Valley Region. We have identified many of these markets and keep their schedule throughout the year.

At farmers markets you can find more than locally produced dairy, eggs, meat and poultry products. Vendors who produce their own produces  from local resources can also be found at these markets – fresh locally grown flowers, baked goods, crafts etc.

Local Farm Stores

Local farm stores provide another opportunity for local farmers and producers to offer consumers access their products. Many local farm stores are open 24/7. Many of these pop-up farm stores operate on the honor system where customers can access the shop, make their selections and leave money in a collection box or pay via online access.

While many farm stores work this way it is always best to check or call ahead first to be sure you can access the store when you get there.

We continue to add local farm stores to our list and if you know of one that we should include, let us know.

No matter how you prefer to purchase local produce, there’s plenty of it here in the Mohawk Valley!

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