Inscape Collective: A Live Multimedia Experience

This unique and creative experience will take place at 5:00pm on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, at the Old Forge Library  in Old Forge, NY. The program is the brainchild of musician Tim Parker which combines visual and sonic arts in the moment of creation.

Tim will bring an interesting collection of instruments from around the world and from many eras. It’s a fusion of live music and impromptu painting, that begins when the artist lays brush to canvas and the first note rings out.

Musician Tim Parker and Artist Abbie Cianfrocco

Joining Tim at the Old Forge Library is frequent collaborator, and Rome, NY, resident, Artist Abbie Cianfrocco. Abbie is an artist and youth art teacher, teaching at local organizations while also focusing on enriching the lives of disabled and at-risk populations. Collaborating with Tim, Abbie will create her usual stunning vortex of shape and color.

The seeds of the Inscape Collective were sewn on the streets of various cities where Parker studied his craft. While he was a student, he would supplement his income by performing on the street, also known as “busking.” Be sure to check out Tim’s  sample video on YouTube. In this video from 2013, artist Amy Ruck demonstrates her painting through the many improvisational changes of the music played by Tim Parker

The Inscape Collective has performed at Sculpture Space, Munson Williams Proctor Institute, and many various other regional and local galleries.

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