Enjoy the outdoors in the Mohawk Valley

Are you the outdoorsy type? Do you want to be? Join Jim as he explores and shares what he loves about the Mohawk Valley.

What we love about the Mohawk Valley

The landscape that is the Mohawk Valley has so much to take in from the mighty Mohawk River, to the farms working the land, to the woods and wilderness accessible by many trails crisscrossing the valley. Living in Herkimer County, we love learning about its landscape and history to really be connected and live our best life in the Mohawk Valley today.

Living in the Mohawk Valley

The Mohawk Valley has something for everyone

No matter where you start in the Mohawk Valley, you’ll find plenty of scenic beauty, history and plenty of outdoor activities. If you live in the Mohawk Valley, there’s so much to explore. There are many area sites and attractions which we love to visit. Our favorite place to be is anywhere outdoors.

Japanese knotweed

Keep up with the 30-day Challenge with a Jim Short

In today’s Jim Short, Jim talks about the invasive species, Japanese knotweed, that has spread throughout the Mohawk Valley.

Join Jim for a 30-day Challenge to get outside and enjoy the Mohawk Valley

Jim takes a walk in the Mohawk Valley woods. Brace for a uphill climb along to the maple grove, view area plant species, game tracks & more.

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