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It’s all about sharing events and happenings across the Mohawk Valley to residents and visitors to the area. 

Many groups and organizations across the Mohawk Valley seek to get the word out about their events. The best way to share events information to us is through the MVT Contact Us form. This form makes it easy to submit your event information and share links to photos and other media and you would like to include.

Mohawk Valley Today loves using high-quality images to help generate excitement about your upcoming events. So when submitting your event information, be sure to send along a few hi-res images that we can use for your event.

Here are just a couple examples of events we recently received through the Mohawk Valley Today events submission form.

Nevermore A Raven Good Time Fundraiser

Nevermore a Raven Good Time fundraiser for Old Forge Library, Photo provided by Old Forge Library Nevermore: A Raven Good Time Fundraiser  This event is a fundraiser event to benefit the Old Forge Library in Old Forge NY. if you are familiar with he Old Forge you know how much the Old Forge library is a tremendous community resource for residents and visitors. We received event information through the Mohawk Valley Today Contact Us form.

Boo-tasting Open Mic Night

Boo-Tastic Open Mic Night, Image credit The Old Forge Library Boo-Tastic Open Mic Night @ The Old Forge Library  This fun event is geared for local Halloween fun; writers, musicians, comedians and storytellers are invited to come and share their creativity with songs, poems, short stories and other original material.

Oak Hill Cemetery Scavenger

Oak hill Cemetery, Herkimer NY Cemetery Scavenger at Hunt Oak Hill Cemetery  The Scavenger hunt is on Saturday October 28th designed for kids 16 and under. Actually, anyone can participate but the prizes will be geared to the younger crowd.

The more questions you answer, the more chances you have to win. Brush up on your symbolism and history of the area. Winners will be announced on October 31st on our Facebook page. Bring your friends and family. This is for all age groups.

Timber Frame Class – Cherry Valley NY

Timber Frame Class at Hawk Circle, Photo credit Hawk Circle Wilderness EducationTimber Frame Workshop

This workshop teaches some of the basic timber framing joinery skills that are essential in building a traditional American style frame. We use hand tools primarily, and learn to cut a straight line with a hand saw, as well as how to move beams safely, make hand cut hardwood pegs, how to raise and assemble a frame and more.

When you are planning your upcoming event, please remember to send us your event and we will gladly help get the word out about your event!

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