Working remotely in the Mohawk Valley

Working remotely in the Mohawk Valley

Opportunities, Connectivity, and Lifestyle

Remote work has changed the way many of us look at employment possibilities. With this comes an opportunity for a fresh look to consider where and how we work along with where and how we’d like to live our lives. In this era of digital connectivity, the Mohawk Valley is fast becoming an ideal place for remote workers and their families. Many have chosen to blend remote job opportunities and reliable internet access to provide a balance between work and a satisfying lifestyle.

Even before starting Mohawk Valley Today, we had been working remotely so we thought we’d share some of our experience, the benefits and the opportunities we have discovered here in the Mohawk Valley.

Making the Move

We had been working remotely for many years while living in Florida before moving to the Mohawk Valley in 2017.  The key for us to be able to work remotely while living in the Mohawk Valley was reliable high-speed internet access.

New York State Broadband Initiative

There continues to be significant investments in broadband infrastructure across the region to ensure improved accessibility in the Mohawk Valley and across the state. Beginning back in 2015, New York State established the $500 million New NY Broadband Program. The goal of the Program was to achieve statewide broadband availability by the end of 2018. Since that time, NYS has continued working hard across the state, including in the Mohawk Valley region, to upgrade broadband Internet infrastructure.

More recently, Governor Kathy Hochul, Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand and the New York Congressional Delegation announced New York State’s ConnectALL Office has been allocated more than $664 million in funding from the Federal Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program.

Shortly after relocation, we were limited to satellite internet access, but thanks to the state’s investment in broadband, we are connected via high speed fiber optics. Take a look at the NYS Broadband Map to check broadband accessibility in specific locations at

A view of the Erie Canal.

A view of the Erie Canal in Herkimer, NY.

Need to Travel?

Many remote jobs also require the need for occasional travel. Both Syracuse and Albany International Airports ensure that if you have to travel for remote work you can get there from here! Not only are these airports a reasonable drive from most corners of the Mohawk Valley, significant investment into infrastructure and security upgrades continue to improve operations at both of these locations.

In August 2023, NY Gov. Kathy Hochul unveiled the plans for the new Albany airport project, to be completed with a $60 million state award. Improvements will cost $100 million and include a new entranceway, enhanced security areas, expanded seating, ticketing, baggage and waiting areas and more to reduce congestion of passengers.

Additionally in 2021 and 2023, additional $30 million in federal funds are being invested at Syracuse International airport for infrastructure and security upgrades . The bottom line is that you can get anywhere from here.

Job Opportunities.

Since we had remote jobs prior to moving to the Mohawk Valley we did not have to search for a remote work positions. Back in 2017, remote jobs were a bit more difficult to find. However, remote jobs and remote work is much more widely available and opportunities for remote work can be found in many fields and industries.

A simple search for remote jobs in the Mohawk Valley resulted in multiple options across different sectors. From content creation and digital marketing to virtual customer service roles, many industries are embracing remote work models. Additionally, the region’s diverse economy, which includes sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and education, provides a range of remote-friendly options.

Cost of Living

As remote workers relocating to the Mohawk Valley we have found our cost of living expenses significantly reduced. Our decision to move to the Mohawk Valley was based on a desire to be closer to family. We did hope that our cost of living expenses would be less and welcome this change. Utilities and property taxes have turned out to be less than where we previously lived. While our property/school tax amount is approximately the same, the difference is our taxes in the Mohawk Valley includes an addition 50+ acres compared to our former suburban small lot.

Utility expenses are also less here in the Mohawk Valley compared to where we used to live. These costs includes water/gas/internet and trash pick-up.

If you, or someone you know are considering a move from another location, be sure to evaluate your cost of living expenses where you are to what they might be like for you in the Mohawk Valley. You could be pleasantly surprised

Custom design your lifestyle

Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival

Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival, Little Falls, NY

Vistas! The Mohawk Valley is one of the most beautiful places in New York. With so much to see and do, just about everything you could want to do outdoors is easily available to you here. Cycling, skiing hiking, kayaking, camping, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling–all available and easily accessible!

If you love festivals, the arts, concerts and shows, there’s plenty of that here, too. Just take a look at the events on Mohawk Valley Today to get an idea of what’s happening in the region. In fact, Mohawk Valley Today was started because there’s so much to see and do, we wanted to make it easier for folks to find wonderful events happening throughout the valley.

We live close to the Erie Canal and it is like having this great big park with hiking trials, history and scenic waterway right across the street! But this is not the only scenic beauty in the area. Drive down virtually any road and just around the bend you’ll come across beautiful views of farmland, and picturesque villages.

The pace of life, lack of commute and little in the way of traffic makes the Mohawk Valley an ideal lifestyle choice.

Our experience tells us we made their right choice to move to the Mohawk Valley. We feel good living here, we enjoy the four seasons, love all of the events and happenings, look forward to continued exploration of the valley, and greatly appreciate our ability to work remotely and a lifestyle we truly enjoy!

By choosing the Mohawk Valley as your remote work destination, you’re not just opting for a location – you’re embracing a way of life that balances work, leisure, and well-being. Check back soon as we explore house and affordable living in the Mohawk Valley in upcoming articles in this series.

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